It Was Quite the Day

The Cuties and I left The Happy Place for yet another rather special destination.

We did not travel lightly.


{I told you so}.

Bright and early this morning The Cuties stepped onto the bus to head off to summer camp, making them the third generation of girls in my family to go to this very special place.  I was a camper for six years and a counselor there another year after that, and Camp had such a profound impact on my life that I’m fairly certain my husband’s and my dating went something like this:

Him: I love you.

Me: I love you too.  Now you know if we get married and have daughters some day they have to go to my camp.  Not just any camp, but my camp.

I am nothing if not subtle.

And then somewhere along the way we actually did get married and have children with two very distinct personalities and issues, and needs and things that make them special and sparkle.  And I had the opportunity to attend a reunion weekend back at my camp and speak with the directors about real live camp today in the modern world and not just the memories that live in my heart.  And I was even more convinced they had to go there.

And thankfully the man I married believed me and believed in camp.

Because not only did I see big smiley faces on the camp website of my Cuties with their new counselors and cabin mates tonight, but these words arrived in my inbox from the camp blog:

“One important goal we have for everyone at camp, campers and staff members alike, is for each person to relax and be her authentic self. If the real world pushes us to conform to lofty ideals of achievement and expectations of beauty, we want camp to be a haven from those pressures….I think part of the secret of camp and part of what makes it such successful sanctuary for girls is the nature and strength of the relationships that form our community. As I have mentioned before, camp is an intentionally constructed community staffed by a group of well-trained, caring adult role models who know the importance of compassion, resilience, and contribution. Instead of competition, we applaud communication and cooperation. Instead of insecurities and self-doubt, we inject genuine encouragement. Instead of being left out or ignored, girls here find a place of listening, respect, and care.”

That kind of attitude right there is what made me more than OK with sending my Cuties off and knowing they were going to have an amazing summer.


{grimaces are from looking into the sun ~ they were nothing but smiles, I promise!}

Learning to water ski, reach the top of the climbing wall, throw a wheel in pottery and the art of sneaking a full tray of Rice Krispie treats from the kitchen are all just icing on the cake!


 And I titled this post “It Was Quite a Day” because it was.  After I dropped the Cuties off at the camp bus, I headed to the airport.

The same Chicago airport I had arrived at the day before.  I returned my rental car, walked in and looked at the departing flights.  And promptly saw none to my destination city.  At which point it occurred to me to reach in my bag and look at my confirmation print out.

Which had my flying out of the other airport in Chicago.


The rental car company would not let me take my car back, despite it literally being right where I had left it 90 seconds prior, with the keys in it because – and I quote – they had already issued a receipt.

So I rushed to the terminal, hoping to catch the shuttle bus, only to find out it had just left.  So I hopped in a pricey taxi, rushed in, checked my bag, tapped my foot anxiously while watching the people in security in front of me try and send through bottles of water and made it to my gate at the right airport in the nick of time.

Only to board the plane and sit on the runway for over an hour!

It was definitely a distraction from missing my Cuties, that’s for sure 🙂

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3 Responses to It Was Quite the Day

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow! What a day! And what a fantastic experience the cuties will have at camp! I love their philosophy of letting loose and teaching compassion! Maybe if we all went to that camp the world would be a better place! Nice necklace, btw 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Been there, done that in regards to the Chicago airports–except I was picking my mom up and I was at one and she was at the other! Ugh….Glad you made your plane and I hope the Cuties have a great time at Camp!!

  3. Tokyo Jinja says:

    They are going to have the time of their life! I’m jealous!

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