Excuses, Excuses

Boy, do I got ’em.

The return to Real Life and the start of the school year has pretty much kicked my butt.

Because the dining room table has been covered in my piles of projects, we’ve eaten almost every dinner at the kitchen island, which only has three stools, so that requires one of us to stand and eat a meal.  Not quite the quality family meal time I imagine.

I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that might be that I’ve finally managed to get all the paperwork properly filed in its rightful home and so I’m just delusional as to how much I’ve still got to do!

I’m still looking at this though and considering it an improvement…


So here’s what I’ve been doing instead of wowing you with my blogging prowess ~

{from left to right, and top to bottom}

I *believe* I finally have all the school, Hebrew School, PTA, swim team, volleyball, JCC committees and social events to date written in the calendar.  I knew it would be a busier year than usual and so I made the bold move to switch from my much-loved, larger MomAgenda to the smaller Lilly Pulitzer agenda, thinking I can carry it around in all of my purses.  {I know MomAgenda makes a smaller version, but it was a pricier option in case I admit defeat in a month and place an order for my old standby!}

One of the biggest reasons we said yes to life overseas was the opportunity to explore Asia, so we are forever trying to take advantage of all of our vacation time.  I feel like I am constantly reading about somewhere to go and trying to figure out what are the “Must-See’s.”  First World Problems if ever they existed, I know.

That brochure on the top of the big stack is the list of classes for the Tokyo American Club for the semester.  I am definitely signing up for my sumi-e painting class again and hope to finish my first byobu {Japanese screen} by the end of the term.  I’ve got a few cooking classes and tours circled as well but I’m probably being a bit overly ambitious.

My pink MomAgenda Kitchen Folio has been stocked with this year’s school schedules, cafeteria menus and sports schedules and is ready to be stored in it’s rightful home, where everyone in the family can find it as a handy reference source.

As I mentioned earlier, we travel as often as possible.  So this year, I decided to create a notebook with a section for each of the school vacations, so I can put each trip’s itinerary and travel arrangements in one location.  I’m often working on as many as four trips at once, and I can easily confuse myself; I’m hoping this will help things.  I try not to print everything in my life, and each trip is managed in it’s own file in my gmail account, but I can’t always access that in another country, so I have learned to print hard copies.

I am on the Board at the Jewish Community of Japan and serve on our Events Committee.  I’m currently planning a Trivia Night for our adult members next month as well as designing invitations for an Anniversary Gala we’re having.  Again, I’ve tossed all these disparate items into a binder to help corral them in one place for my sanity of late!

Next, I’m serving as the PTA Secretary at The Cuties’ school.  We have an amazing PTA Board, filled with many of my girlfriends, so I’m really enjoying my time on this project.  But I joked today that I thought I was an organized person until I took on this job at a school of 1500 students and their parents.  It’s definitely keeping me on my toes.

Finally, you see a notebook for Big Cutie’s Bat Mitzvah which we are doing here in Tokyo.  While the big event is about a year away, there have been a few decisions we’ve had to make recently in order to secure vendors.  As you can imagine, it’s a little different than planning it back in the States.

So that’s my life.

I have all sorts of ideas for craft projects I want to do on my own and with The Cuties, and hope to carve out some time for them soon so I can share with you!

In the mean time, I’m going to put The Cuties to bed and pour myself a big glass of wine.

And then I’m off to plan my menu for the Yom Kippur Break Fast I’m hosting on Saturday.

I make my own crazy.  I own it.

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4 Responses to Excuses, Excuses

  1. george says:

    Crazy girlfriend we love you so….

  2. Lisa says:

    I volunteer lots for my kids’ schools, etc, so I know a bit about what your September must be like, but I don’t have any Bat Mitzvahs to plan – I’ve never been to one (I think there are about 30 Jewish families in the entire province where I live) but I’ve heard they are almost as much work as planning a wedding! Good luck with that!

  3. feltsocute says:

    You’ve clearly been crazy busy yourself darlin – can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to? When are we having a PGB show at Casa Felt So Cute?!!!

  4. george says:

    Oh my are you really on for MORE! Lets discuss by email xxg

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