Making Dolls with My Dolls

My friend Jill told me about a Kokeshi Doll making workshop at Tokyu Hands {pretty much one of the coolest stores ever, which sells craft supplies, washi tape, stationery, bicycles and so much more}.  I immediately wrote it on the calendar to do today since it ends tomorrow, and it was the only day we could take The Cuties.

Except we woke up to driving rain and winds, a typhoon warning.

But I still planned to go.

I mean it was a warning and not an actual typhoon yet, right? 😉

And then, wonder of wonder, the rains stopped and the sun came out.

So we ran out the door as fast as we could.

Each station was perfectly set up and ready to go ~


The directions were given completely in Japanese and the instructors didn’t speak any English.  I was feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed by that, but The Cuties were calm, cool and collected.   They managed to figure it all out by gestures and the fact that they know all their colors in Japanese.

They started with faces, making expressive eyebrows and eyes ~


Then The Cuties got to work making the characteristic spirals and stripes that are typical of Kokeshi dolls.  I’m in love with this special spinning vice they provided for exactly this purpose.  I was an official “designated spinner!”



I love their finished products so much!!!


They remind me of some of my favorite antique kokeshi dolls I saw at the Kawagoe Shrine Sale last year!


The current weather forecast now calls for heavy rains, gale force winds, floods, high waves and thunderstorms and we received word from school it may be cancelled tomorrow.  Thank goodness nothing got in the way of our crafting!!!!

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4 Responses to Making Dolls with My Dolls

  1. On my to-do list for when I get back is to take a trip to Tokyo Hands with you – it has to be different with a master! The dolls (all 4!) look fantastic.

  2. Misty Sioch says:

    What a neat thing!! So glad you got to go! Stay safe with that weather!!

  3. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Such a cute workshop! It would be great for a party too, doncha think?

  4. very cute. I’m glad to see all the tools and techniques. I always wonder when I see something like this, “how did they get those stripes so perfect?”

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