Just Charming

Several years ago, The Cuties and my husband surprised me with a charm bracelet.

They picked out several meaningful charms for my life up until that point and we’ve added to it ever since then.

It’s truly one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry to wear and I love the soft jangle it makes as I move.


Here’s what I have and why ~


*a book {I’ve always been a big reader}

*a Palmetto tree {for my beloved Kiawah Island}

*The White House {I grew up in Washington, DC}

*Big Cutie

*a house {snuck in behind the disc but there for our homes together}

*a Newfoundland {our first family pet}


*a girl silhouette with Big Cutie’s name & birthdate engraved

*an alligator (for the preppiness and my nickname + last name together sound like the word alligator, so I’ve always been drawn to them as an icon}

*a Tiffany & Co blue box {on The Cutie’s first trip to NYC we took them there and there was a charm bracelet display.  They very unsubtly convinced their father to buy one for me to remember the trip ~ so sweet!}

*a camera {I’ve always loved to take pictures, even if this one is a little out of focus!}

*the Japanese goddess Benzaiten of knowledge, art & beauty {she’s one of the Seven Lucky Gods and is special to commemorate our time in Japan}

*a pair of glasses {I’ve worn them since 4th grade!}

*a heart with my husband’s and my names and our wedding engraved

*an artist’s palette {it’s a little overly generous but I’ve yet to find a sterling glue gun!}

*a high heel {I love my shoes!}

*Little Cutie


*a baby shoe {one of my most beloved charms as this one marks Big Cutie learning to walk!}

*Little Cutie’s silhouette with her name and birth date engraved

*a Star of David {it’s a little hidden, but there, I promise!}

*bagpipes {my husband and I may go down in history as the only Jewish couple to have had a bagpiper at our wedding.  It’s a long, sweet story and I’ll share it someday!}

*the Eiffel Tower {the first international trip my husband and I took together was to Paris}

*a purse {another little shopping “problem” I have!}

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect elephant now that I’ve been to Thailand twice and am so very fond of them.  Nothing has really been perfect yet – either too RNC or too cartoonish.  I’m willing to be patient!

So what’s your most sentimental piece of jewelry?

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6 Responses to Just Charming

  1. gena says:

    My godparents gave me a gold charm bracelet on my 7th bday. I have added to it ever since, marking the big events in my life. I used to wear it a lot, thanks for the reminder!

    My favorite piece, aside from my Blessed Mother medal that I’ve worn around my neck since I was born, is a bracelet my husband had made for me the Christmas of my son’s transplant. It is a thick gold chain with the word “BELIEVE” spelled out in diamonds on a plaque. It represents my faith and belief in miracles and I have not taken it off in the 5+ years since then!

    thanks for sharing the story of your charm bracelets!


  2. Jessica W. says:

    I love this! I also received a charm bracelet from Bill and my 4… I had wished for one for so long and always loved the thought of them choosing charms and adding. The funny thing is- the first charm was a heart that says “to the summit” that they gave me right before I hiked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and I’ve never been able to add anything to it. It’s so special all on it’s own. And I wore it for the whole 5 day hike. I would still love one. But, another. I’m starting to think things really can begin at 50. yahoo! Thanks for sharing. love stories like this! Miss you!

  3. Tracee says:

    Haven’t looked at James Avery’s stuff in years but perhaps he hasore than just silver and gold?

  4. Debra says:

    I’ve had to convert my charm bracelet to a charm necklace.

  5. I looked far and wide for a charm of one of the 7 Lucky Gods and never found one. I have a cameo that was my grandmothers. I used to wear it on my jacket lapel at work when I needed extra luck that day. I`m convinced it (she) got me the first job that led to a rewarding career….

  6. Ashley says:

    A gold locket with my beloved daddy’s photo in it. He died when I was 18. 😦

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