Sharpie Pumpkins

So school’s closed today.  On account of a typhoon.

Life in Japan is always an adventure!

The Cuties were not very interested in my idea of sleeping in until noon and then reading on the sofa all day in our pajamas eating cold cereal until dinner.  Go figure.

I spied our sad three mini pumpkins we brought home from the supermarket the other day because Mean Mommy wouldn’t spring for a $50 normal-sized one.

{Let me digress for a moment and share that people in Japan have “Typhoon Grocery Madness” just like there’s “Snowstorm Grocery Madness” in the States ~ here’s a picture of the craziness from yesterday’s insanity ~}


And grabbed some Sharpies.


{And because I try to own my crazy, I’ll be honest and admit those aren’t all my Sharpies.  It’s an issue I have.  It’s on the list.}

I started to doodle.

I will admit that a pumpkin is not the easiest surface in the world on which to write, but after a while I was in the groove.  And of course, The Cuties were interested and wanted to participate.  This is a parenting technique of mine I use often now that they are tweens.  I do my own thing and see if they’ll take the bait.  Because of course if I set it all out as an actual project like I did when they were toddlers, it’s too easy to say no.  And then I’m all cool and stuff when I say, “But of course you can color on your pumpkins, too!”

My laziness is brilliant sometimes, isn’t it?!

And so we all doodled our pumpkins.  And they rock.







So that was one hour occupied.

Do you think if I start emptying the dishwasher they’ll show as much interest?

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3 Responses to Sharpie Pumpkins

  1. Shelli says:

    I don’t think they will fall for the dishwasher thing but good luck trying

  2. Sara says:

    $50.00 for a pumpkin! How much is a mini one?

  3. feltsocute says:

    They were $3-$4 each, so not so bad!

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