A Sweet Little Birthday

We celebrated all weekend with Big Cutie as she turned 12.

I kept wondering if we stretched this particular birthday out if we could make 12 last longer and avoid hitting the teenager years as long as possible.

As always, our girl had very specific ideas of what she wanted to do for her special day.

So the plan was to have a couple of friends over to decorate cookies for a few hours, head to a nearby yakiniku restaurant {similar to Korean BBQ}, then back home to watch a movie and eat treats.

We had the kitchen all set up with bags of different colored frosting, tons of different kinds of sprinkles and an assortment of candies.


Each girl had a personalized apron {painted with fabric paint much like I did here}, a container for finished cookies with their name embellished with vinyl by my Silhouette, and a big stack of sugar cookies.  Washi tape held down a piece of wax paper to give them a work space.


They made the cutest cookies ~ beautiful works of art!


They started off very serious and focused….


And after a few bites of sugar and giggling moved to complete silliness ~


Then we took the girls out for dinner.  They had a great time eating and cooking.  How awesome was it that they had fun cooking their own dinner?!!!


We came back and they wanted to decorate cookies some more so they got to work.

Then they pulled down the futon in the playroom and popped in a movie.  I’m pretty sure this is exactly what tween girls look like coming down from a sugar buzz!


And then everyone slept great that night.

Such sweet girls and my kitchen smelled like icing for days!

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1 Response to A Sweet Little Birthday

  1. Cute Grammy says:

    What a great party, Big Cutie. The cookies look yummy….too bad we are too far away to have a taste! Glad you had such a great time. Love Ammy and Poppy

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