Because Two Heads are Better Than One!

Remember last year when I mentioned how the husband and I had issues about dressing up for Halloween and wearing costumes, so figuring out what to wear that worked around all that could be a challenge?  And so we solved it with the High-Tech Couples costume, where I was an iPhone and he essentially got to wear khakis and a t-shirt?

Oh, my how things have changed in the Felt So Cute household.

With just the simple little question, “Hey honey – what about being Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head for Halloween this year?”

And he not only gave me a resounding yes, but then wanted to know if he could also have angry eyes” and could the parts be interchangeable.

I beg your pardon ~ interchangeable?

But then I realized with a little velcro, anything was possible!

I first decided that my Potato Head pieces needed to be three-dimensional because, well, they are in real life.  Which is probably a sign I’ve gone to the Halloween costume-making dark side when I start thinking about the realism of Potato Head pieces sculpted out of felt.


Each piece was cut out of felt twice, hot-glued three quarters of the way around, stuffed with Polyfill and then glued the rest of the way closed.  You didn’t really think I was going to sew all those pieces and negate my Costume-Making Manifesto, now did you?

The biggest challenge was that I can only find felt in Tokyo that is a meter wide instead of the 72″ like it comes on the bolt in America.  I could also only find a measly seven meters of any color resembling a potato.  So I sewed three panels together to make two tubes and put ties at the tops {I wanted them adjustable so The Cuties can wear them for the Purim Carnival or for future Halloweens}.  I’d have done it differently in the States, and achieved more of a “potato-like” shape, but this was good enough.  Again, I should be concerned that I was questioning the reality of potato-like form….


The potato body had velcro where each feature went, and each piece has the opposite side velcro attached to the back.  Voila!  I have exchangeable pieces.

But how’s a madcap Potato Head couple on the go supposed to manage all their parts?

With a tushie pocket, but of course!

We were rather entertaining at the party, that people could reach into our pockets, pick new pieces, and change them, just like the real Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads!



We added store-bought bowler hats, big hoop earrings from Claire’s and white gloves from the Hyaku-yen shop and were set!

And because MY Mr. specifically requested Angry Eyes {probably our favorite line in “Toy Story!”}, I had to make them happen!


We were quite a sight walking in Roppongi last night trying to hail a taxi, and constantly being stopped by Japanese partiers wanting to take pictures with us.

But I really wish I had a picture of the taxi driver when he finally turned around and realized there were two people dressed as giant potatoes in the back of his car!

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4 Responses to Because Two Heads are Better Than One!

  1. Valerie says:

    Awesome! The costumes look great. I think the best part is you look comfortable.

  2. Tokyo Jinja says:

    I think you may have really outdone yourself on these! And they are so reusable that they will bring fun for years! Just wish I could have done a little face rearranging in person!

  3. Condoblues says:

    Angry Eyes is my favorite line too!

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