Craving Order

Like many of you, I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

End of the school year parties, goodies to be baked, holiday parties, and sadly, when you’re an Expat, sayonara parties to attend.  Additionally, we are leaving on an adventure in a few days, so my lists and piles are accumulating at a rapid rate {but I’ll share all about that soon enough!}.

Last night I opened my desk door to find the staple remover and saw this ~


It was clearly my breaking point and it was a bit of chaos I felt I could tackle.

{interestingly, the aforementioned staple remover is from a set I had on my desk in college 20+ years ago ~ I have no idea why it’s the rogue item that seems to have followed me all these years}

Like any organizing project, I emptied the entire drawer and grouped like items.  I took things like the fancy binder clips that have never actually been used and offered them to Big Cutie.  I moved the spare headphones to the lower drawer where I keep my charging cords and put all the stamps in an envelope on my French bulletin board to keep them neat.  I then regrouped everything when I put it back.


MUUUUCH better.

Now the things I really need to access the most are easiest to reach.   The top section has a mini stapler, stapler remover and the two sizes of post-it notes I use the most in my daily calendar {in rainbow order, of course!}.  The middle section has correction tape, double-sided tape {Japanese envelopes do not come gummed, so it’s helpful to have this on hand}, a small sampling of washi tape {about ten times as much lives in the craft room!} and paper clips.  The bottom section is a “personal” one, holding a nail file, spare reading glasses, band-aids, hand sanitizer and an EOS lip balm.  And finally, the side section has a few rubber bands, a tape measure, an eraser and an automatic reinforcement dispenser ~ possibly my most favorite random Japanese stationery store purchase ever!

I was so inspired after finishing this project, that I managed to completely clear the surface of my desk as well, which included filing the outstanding insurance claims and properly storing things in their assigned 3-ring binders.

And of course, because it was a perfectly clean surface, I woke up this morning and discovered that the husband had decided it was the perfect place to move all his electronic devices for charging!

What’s up with that?!!!

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2 Responses to Craving Order

  1. Grammy says:

    Must be a family “itch”. We spent all weekend reorganizing the engine room and our closets on the boat!!!!! Today we went to goodwill!

    Did you get my note requesting another holiday card, please. Thank you.

  2. Ashley says:

    Love your organizing posts. So inspiring! Especially with the New Year coming soon! Happy New Year!!

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