I Heart Containers

Big Cutie was on a school field trip today across the city that required four train changes, and so I insisted I go and pick her up.  It was one of the more complicated and stressful train adventures I’ve had in our years in Tokyo and on the way to meet her, I was so focused on finding the location that I didn’t notice much about my surroundings.

But on the way back, hand in hand, we chatted and looked around, and started popping into stores as we walked since Little Cutie would not be home until much later from Karate class.  We made some great finds!

Since we both were hungry, we stopped at an adorable tempura shop where we each had a heaping platter of vegetables, miso soup and tea for a grand total of ¥800.  Yummy and a bargain ~ what more could we ask for!


Much to our delight we found not one, but two Hyaku Yen stores {the Japanese equivalent of Dollar Stores} that were so large they were two stories!  We found tons of things we couldn’t live without and were willing to schlep home on all those trains ~ the ultimate justification of impulse purchases in Tokyo!

But my favorite by far were finding organization trays for my kitchen drawers that were large enough for my American utensils and gadgets and had adjustable inserts.

When The Cuties were doing their homework later I got to work since I was starting with messes like this {which is what happens when you have the good fortune to have both ample drawer space in a Japanese apartment and family members who all help unload the dishwasher}.


And five minutes later, with my new containers and adjustable dividers in place!


{in case you’re wondering why we have so many small utensils, we are not elves ~ however we do entertain quite a bit with appetizer and dessert-only parties and just find them handy}

Because I’d never seen trays like these before and they came in two sizes I bought up what they had and reorganized the rest of my island drawers.  I was able to better organize by like items and when my Cute Helpers unloaded the dishwasher after dinner they gave a big thumbs up.

Here’s all the baking items {yes, I have multiple cookie scoops.  I have issues.  We already know that, people.}


Regular serving pieces {it made me slightly nuts I couldn’t configure the first drawer to fit the cheese knives.  See above statement on issues.}


All the extra gadgets, but most importantly the bottle opener and corkscrew since this drawer is located right across from the wine fridge.


At this point I was moaning and groaning that I’d run out of containers to use and had a drawer of complete kitchen miscellany.  And then I realized that the cute tray I’d bought with no purpose in mind on my last Ikea trip that didn’t seem to fit anywhere would, in fact fit in the drawer when turned sideways.  And it would be a great catch all for the often-used straws and lids for our Tervis Tumblers.


Sigh.  So lovely.

I may or may not have made a few unnecessary trips through the kitchen and opened a drawer for no apparent reason.

I think I’m actually a bit bummed that our last little find before heading to the train station was this and I won’t have to cook breakfast in the morning and get to rave about how easy it now is to find a whisk.


But I’m pretty sure donuts will make The Cuties much happier than containers make me.

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1 Response to I Heart Containers

  1. Ashley says:

    That is THE cutest donut box! Love your organized drawers!!

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