A New Pink Friend

As Little Cutie’s friend said when she walked in the door of our apartment today…

 It’s very pink and red around here!

The Cuties are pretty much up for decorating for every possible occasion so I’m happy to indulge when possible.   So as soon as February 1st rolled around we busted out the giant Rubbermaid bin filled with Valentine decorations.

We don’t have much, but what we do have I really love.

Hardee har har.

Until this year, our Valentine pillows have always graced the black bench in our genkan.


 But now that we have more space in our playroom and The Cuties entertain their friends in there, I decided to replace the text message pillows for this month.  However, the futon is a bit larger than the bench and so I thought we could use another pillow!

I repurposed a pillow I found stashed in our storage closet, and since I seriously have no idea why it was in there, opted to make this pillow with an envelope cover in case I wake up in the middle of the night remembering the original purpose and might want the insert back someday! {forgetfulness like this will start to happen often in your 40s people, so at least work with it and not against it!}

I cut a heart template on card stock with my Silhouette and used it to cut nine hearts.


I pinned them onto a square of pink felt {which I scored the other day with Big Cutie when we stumbled upon the two-story Hyaku-Yen stores while exploring!}


I then sewed them to the pink felt only down the center as I wanted them to have a somewhat three-dimensional look.


And now she lives happily with all her new friends!


For peeks at more of the red and pink invasion going on in the Felt So Cute household, be sure to follow me on Instagram!

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