Cookie Decorating Party with Tiny Prints

The Cuties and I had a great time this weekend hosting a Mother & Daughter Cookie Decorating Party with the help of Tiny Prints.

We asked our guests to bring a dozen cookies per person and we would supply all the fun extras, from icing to sprinkles to packaging materials!  How cute is the Painted Chevrons Firecracker Invitation from Tiny Prints we used? {Here’s an invitation tip: always remember to check the trim options – for just a wee bit more you can really upgrade the look of your invitation with rounded edges, scallops and more}


The Cuties and I had such fun figuring out what our friends might want to put on their cookies when decorating.  Thankfully the husband had a business trip to the States in January so we sent him on a supply Mission Impossible for things like Conversation Hearts, Valentine-packs of M&Ms, and more.  Poor guy was texting me from the store with his status and giving me updates that read:

Red hots no longer-what 2 do? Buying all red candies. Hope U like.

What a trooper!  And we ended up with the best stuff that of course you can’t easily get in Japan to decorate cookies, so The Cuties were thrilled!


We’ve hosted a few cookie decorating parties over the years and one of the biggest challenges is that sprinkles – especially nonpareils {those evil little balls!} – end up rolling off the counter tops and all over the floor.  Drives me crazy.  This year, however, I stumbled upon a genius solution {if I do say so myself!}.  Small trays with a slight lip from the Hyaku Yen store {the Japanese version of a Dollar Store}.  Best.solution.ever.


They even had more “sophisticated” versions for the Moms’ table.


And check out ALL The Cuties that were at my house ready to get to work!


And a little sample of their amazing handiwork! {Can I just say that kid-decorated cookies are some of my favorite things ever!}


Once all the decorating was done, the kids got to work on packaging their beautiful treats!  We had all sorts of pretty things for them to choose from – ribbons, sharpies and wax paper in pink or red with polka dots!


Of course we pulled out all our washi tape in Valentine colors!


And then there were plenty of cellophane bags, pipe cleaners, and stickers as well.


I chose the Valentine’s Dots collection stickers from Tiny Prints and left room so each of the girls could add their names to their packaging.  They coordinated really well with the different washi tapes we had as well as the polka dot ribbon you see in the photo above, and the girls used them in both the Gift Tag size and the Address Label size.


Loved seeing our house filled with so much pink and red {the only other combo I like besides pink and green!}


But even better was a house filled with friends!


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3 Responses to Cookie Decorating Party with Tiny Prints

  1. Lisa says:

    Looks like great fun! How brave of you to wear white pants next to all that icing!

  2. Amber says:

    So cute! Curious, do your girls have any Japanese friends or do they just hang out with other ex pat kids?

  3. feltsocute says:

    They do have Japanese friends, although the majority of their friends are American expats since they attend the American school.

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