I Have a Sickness

And I don’t want to be cured.

I am packing for a girls weekend {can I get a Woo Hoo!} and realized just how many Cheeky Leopard bags I now own.

They are seriously awesome, and I always like to support a great Etsy shop.

I use these clutches on date nights.  They easily hold cash, keys, lipstick, a cellphone and because I’m older than dirt ~ reading glasses so I can see the menu.


This clutch I carry with one of my 72 black cocktail and formal gowns.  It’s made from a vintage obi and I especially love that it has both gold and silver on it.


And because I can’t resist the clutches, I have this pink one I totally justified because it’s a slightly different shape than the other ones.  I’m weak for pink, what can I say?


I keep one of these cosmetic pouches in my purse all the time, filled with Tylenol, spare contacts, lipstick, a mirror, a mini nail file, pony tail holders, band aids and more.  When I travel, they are large enough to hold my laptop charger, iPad charger and phone charger in one spot for easy access.


The coin purses are a staple in the Felt So Cute household.  I carry one in my purse every day with my headphones coiled inside to avoid having them entangled with everything else.  The Cuties each carry two in their backpacks ~ one for their headphones, and one for their lunch money.


But you know what’s the best part about the Cheeky Leopard bags {aside from the price ~ they range from $17 – $85, an amazing deal for handmade items!}?  The insides!!!


They’re so bright and happy.  It’s like the underside of a can can skirt!

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