Seasonal Shoe Switch Syndrome

I’m suffering people, and I know you are too.

Twice a year this unfortunate condition strikes and my poor little tootsies are covered in blisters in the most unusual spots.

You know what I’m talking about.

Seasonal Shoe Switch Syndrome {commonly known as SSSS}.

It’s when you go from closed-toed shoes to sandals, or sandals to closed-toed shoes and your feet end up with blisters and sore spots where shoes rub in places that haven’t felt shoes in many months.

It’s really quite tragic.

I’m thinking we could have PSAs and instead of Sarah McLachlan cuddling animals, our spokesperson could be Sarah Jessica Parker cuddling Manolo Blahniks, speaking in dulcet tones about how you can prevent SSSS.

I keep telling y’all I have issues.  😉

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1 Response to Seasonal Shoe Switch Syndrome

  1. So true… and we neglect our feet more than any other body part, until they start to hurt!! Here are some tips to having sandal-ready feet all year round!

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