Never a Dull Moment

We’ve been up to all sorts of great things here in Kiawah, and have been running at such a pace that when we woke up to massive thunderstorms yesterday The Cuties’ reaction was “YES! A day to just veg out.”  I guess it was time.

My parents and sister and her family were all here last week, so we had lots of people with whom to play.  For me, this meant we could participate in some activities where an extra adult or two comes in handy!

We started the week at Mingo Point at the weekly Oyster Roast and BBQ, where Big Cutie and I have an annual tradition of a Mother-Daughter Pecan Pie eating contest.  For the fourth year in a row, she completely smoked me! Where my string bean of a daughter manages to put a mini pie at a rapid rate after an evening of platefuls of Low Country favorites is beyond me!


We also managed to get a picture of all the cousins with the marshes behind them just before the sun set or anyone had a melt down; a double victory, indeed.


We had some very serious alligator sightings off the balcony one night at dinner.


We braved the rush-hour commute to breakfast at the market in the morning ~


We took a boat out on the ocean one day and took the older kids fishing.  We dropped anchor over a reef and the kids caught fish after fish after fish.


Including helping the captain reel this guy in!

{FYI – we released everything we caught due to size}


While not a terrific photo, we also got to experience the excitement of this loggerhead turtle circling our boat for a long time, often within arms reach.


Another day, we took all the kids kayaking on the Kiawah River for a Pluff Mud Paddle with two Naturalists.  It was a great late afternoon trip just as the day was cooling off.  We watched several pelicans dive and swoop for their supper and then beached to play around in the water and pluff mud.  Each of the kids had a net and were able to explore the area to see what they could catch and the Naturalists would tell them what was living in the ecosystem.  We found all sorts of very cool things!


Hurricane Arthur completely cooperated with Charleston and barely even sprinkled so we were able to golf as planned and played the course in our neighborhood for the first time.  I’m pleased to report there were no gator sightings on the course, but did see more than a half-dozen deer as we played that night!

We convinced all four kids to nap one night and then returned to the pool at dark with our floats for the Dive in Movies {one of my favorite puns of all time!}.   It was great fun, with sno-cones and popcorn treats and all the kids singing along to the movie from the pool.  I’ll confess I’d somehow managed not to see Frozen up until now.  Yes, I’ve apparently been living under a rock.


Finally, we managed to get to the highlight of the week, the Fourth of July!  It’s always one of our favorite events here on Kiawah and never disappoints.  We watch from the lawn of the Sanctuary hotel and it’s so lovely to see the fireworks shoots off over the beach {sipping cocktails and easy access to restrooms for kids are nice perks as well}.

Here’s the whole family in our red, white and blue finery, minus the husband sadly since he’s back in Tokyo working.


It was Cute Niece’s first time at fireworks and she proclaimed them AMAZING!


I totally agree.

And oh yeah, we swam at the beach a lot too! 😉

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