Batik by Some Cute Artists

I love artwork by my kids.

It’s seriously one of my favorite things.

I love it simply because they made it.

But I also love it as someone who enjoys the artistic process but struggles tremendously with the whole notion of this is a banana so it should be yellow and not turquoise. I’ve often said I’m crafty, but not creative.  Kids, however, seem to totally move past this notion and paint with such freedom its joyous.  I love it.

One day back in March while we were in Kota Kinabalu, we all needed a break from the sun {that whole being at the Equator thing is H-O-T!} and so I took The Cuties to paint batik.  Because you know my mantra ~ “If there’s a crafting class, we will find it!”


They each picked an ocean theme to paint and loved the vivid dyes available to them.


When their paintings were dried and ironed, we carefully packed them in our suitcases, and carried them from Borneo back to Japan.  And several months later I packed them in suitcases from Japan to America where they arrived on Kiawah Island.

And we framed them and hung them over their beds.



We finished this project just in time as it’s turtle madness here on the island as the loggerhead nests are starting to hatch!

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