Because Sometimes Its Just Wrong

Last summer I made a lot of changes to our place here in Kiawah.  It’s a balancing act because while it’s our home for the summer while we are in America, we also rent it our when we are gone.  And although we want it to be nice for our renters, we know that a lot of different people coming and going put wear and tear on a place at a more rapid rate than just we would.

The last thing I did last summer was my weak attempt at a contemporary painting for over the sofa.  While I’ve taken many painting classes over the years, modern art is not something I’ve had any experience with, and it showed.


I knew it wasn’t right and detracted from the overall look I was going for in our little place, but my budget was limited and my time was out, so the painting stayed.

And it’s bugged me all summer.

With each growing week.

I could hear it chanting “wrong, wrong, wrong” to me every time I walked in the room.

But nothing’s really changed.  The budget is still limited, there will still be other people coming and going, and honestly, I’ve been busy with a lot of other projects.

And then yesterday I had a Eureka! moment as to how to fix the problem.

And so an iron, a $13 piece of fabric, my staple gun and about 6 whole minutes later I feel much better about this wall.


Still not the lovely seascape oil painting I’d put up if it were my full-time house, but it pulls the room together much better.  It reminds me of Japanese shibori I love so much, and the fabric I found mimics the look of many contemporary seascapes I’ve oogled.

Now if I can just figure out how to fit all the Bat Mitzvah-related projects into my suitcases to travel back to Japan I’m set!

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2 Responses to Because Sometimes Its Just Wrong

  1. Jonathan says:

    Looks great!!! Super recovery!!

    Sent from my iPhone T >

  2. Lisa says:

    The new art fits the room perfectly!

    Good luck with the Bat Mitvah. I’ve never been to one – it sounds like a lot of planning is involved!

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