I Miss Japan, But…..

We’ve arrived in Connecticut and survived jet lag and starting at two new schools and settling into our little temporary apartment all in one week.

We all miss Tokyo quite a bit and are suffering some “re-entry” issues, but have started to notice a few things here in America that are pretty nice after three years in Japan….

We arrived just in time to catch the end of fall foliage, which while a big deal in Japan, ROCKS in New England.  My drive to school for The Cuties in the morning takes me down a winding lane around a reservoir.  Even The Cuties commented bright and early one morning how amazingly beautiful it was to see.


{photo credit: drivenct.com}

We had a family fun night this week that included dinner out – no requesting an English menu necessary, no relying on picture menus and no struggling through katakana!  We then went to the movies, where everything was in English, and everything was a first run movie {of course, we still opted for Big Hero 6, which we could have seen in Japan now, LOL!}


I bought seedless grapes at the grocery store.  Yes, grapes.  Where to start?  For starters, grapes in Japan that are labeled seedless aren’t always so….


And that price?  That’s for about eight grapes!  I kid you not.

But I’ve been buying a big bag of organic grapes at Whole Foods for about $5.  Score.

And of course, the mother load of Expat shopping…


The first three days in our apartment we went so often and spent so much our credit card started calling!  Thank goodness there’s no room in our tiny little place for craft supplies or I’d be living at Michael’s, too! 😉

So we’re finding our way, little by little.

The air shipment arrives in a couple of hours and that should make us feel that much more at home as we remind ourselves that home is wherever the four of us are together.

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7 Responses to I Miss Japan, But…..

  1. nk8791@aol.com says:

    This is a test. Trying to figure out if I can send you a comment this way.

    Nancy (faithful reader of Felt So Cute)

  2. Shelli says:

    We have been thinking about you all. Glad that you are all doing well. Were the grapes as yummy as the ones we had in your Japan apt.?

    Shelli and Ira

  3. I’ve learned so much through your descritive summaries of your travels. Thank you from a fellow BHB mama 🙂

  4. Julie says:

    Welcome back home!!!!

  5. Kellie failla says:

    Welcome back to CT. Are you in the same town you live in before you left?

  6. Wow I remember when you announced when were leaving! Welcome back!

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