Hanukkah House

In my continued quest to find small holiday projects we can do in our temporary housing, I set The Cuties up with a gingerbread house this weekend.

While I was thrilled to see this product for the first time ~


The Cuties really wanted gingerbread and not vanilla cookies, so it was quickly vetoed.

I did not share with them that I had seen this product online and neglected to purchased it because well, let’s be honest, with a price tag of $50 it just wasn’t happening when I knew the Christmas gingerbread house kits were marked down to $7 at Michael’s already.  Sorry, kiddos.


But I was inspired a bit.  So I purchased a regular gingerbread kit, a few packs of silver and blue Sixlets, some frosting in shades of blues and a bunch of Hanukkah gelt.


And because The Cuties are older now, I totally let them go to town!


I love that they even added a menorah in the window!


And of course, The Cuties being MY daughters, felt it very important to add their monograms to their house.  Clearly, I would add my monogram to my roof if I could!

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2 Responses to Hanukkah House

  1. Love it! I guess we can now all make Chanukah gingerbread houses, since there are two products on the market? Great to see you again on craft schooling sunday, we’re starved for chanukah projects at the party!

  2. i love that that exists, and i need to find it! you guys did a great job decorating it.

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