Out of My Comfort Zone

We’re at a point with The Cuties where they are old enough and curious enough that we are regularly trying new things as a family.

And me?

I’m not really a swing from the seat of your pants, try new things, daring kind of gal.

I like comfort, familiarity, and my feet firmly on the ground.

But I don’t ever want to be the Mama on the sidelines.  I don’t want to not participate, miss out on being in the moment with my kids and my husband, or not share an experience with them.  And I’d never ask them to not do something they want to do just because I’m scared or hesitant.

And so being a Mom has often found me out of my comfort zone.

Parenting has often put me there ~ from the very simple first days of How the heck DO I change a diaper? to the more awkward singing aloud in front of others {despite being totally tone-deaf}, because it was the only thing that would make a crying child happy.  And now, recently, The Cuties have enthusiastically embraced experiences on our vacations that have me literally shaking in my boots.

Things like zip lining in the mountains of northern Thailand…


or this week, snowmobiling in the White Mountains of New Hampshire…


Before both of these excursions, I woke up desperately hoping for pouring rain, or even perhaps a child to not feel well and need and adult to stay back with them. I’m not a dare-devil, I don’t do speed well and heights do not thrill me to say the least.

But I don’t want to share my fears with my kids before we go.  I don’t want to ruin their enthusiasm and I don’t want them to second-guess their excitement.  I LOVE that they’re bold and always up to try new things.  I WANT them to find new things interesting and have an attitude of why not? instead of reticence.

And for me, one of the greatest things about being The Cuties’ Mom is that they regularly encourage me to step outside my comfort zone because I really want to be fully in their world.  I want to share their joy and I want to be there for their happy as long as they’ll have me.

And that is way more important than my fears.

And so I’ll strap on yet another helmet.

And as hard as it is to admit, I’ve LOVED every one of these experiences!

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