At the risk of sounding like Wendy Whiner this has pretty much been my word of 2015 so far.  And so I’ve stayed off the blog.  But we’ve reached the stage in life where we can laugh a bit at things and also see the light at the end of the tunnel.  So I thought I’d start to return to you all and give you an update.

Let’s start with the literal.

We have been buried in snow here in New England.  We’ve had several feet of snow from many storms.  The Cuties have only attended school on Monday once in all of 2015.  And here we are on Sunday afternoon and it’s snowing again!  Now normally, I’m all about snow days; we bake, we craft, we snuggle up by the fire and then I kick them outside to play when everyone gets stir crazy.

Except we are still in the 1,000 square foot apartment.  All four of us.  Without really any of our stuff.  No yard, no craft supplies, just a couple of board games, and minimal space.  I tried to make a game out of scrubbing toilets the other day, but The Cuties are pretty smart cookies, and didn’t really buy into that.

And there’s no garage.  So each time it snows and I have to drive them to school, I head down to the parking lot in the dark before 7:00 AM when it’s 5 degrees to scrape the snow off my car and warm it up.  And then do it all over again the next morning. Can you see how this has gotten rather old fast?

We’ve been buried.

Meanwhile, we’ve been house-hunting.  I believe at one point I saw almost every house on the market in three zip codes.  As you can imagine, most people don’t list their home for sale over the holidays so the inventory when we arrived back in America wasn’t the most desirable.  When I tell you I saw some real doozies, I really mean it.  I think one of my “favorites” was the listing stating a “three-car garage” that turned out to be three individual one car garages on the property – none of which connected to the house.  I kid you not.

I got a bit down about it.  In a I know I’m being ridiculous that I’m teared up in a house for sale because it’s not the one so now I’m laughing at myself kind of way.

You know, buried by it all.

And so we took a breath, realized we’d fine something eventually and moved on to the next house.

Which of course, was it.

And so we are under contract on a lovely house.  It has great potential.  Which means it’s filled with projects.  Which really means you will soon see a LOT of activity on the blog as I show you Before and Afters, both big and small.

I’m looking forward to unpacking our things from Japan and the full trailer of things we left in storage all these years.  There will be lots of sorting, purging, some repurposing and a little shopping.

Sort of like digging yourself out. 😉

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7 Responses to Buried

  1. I can’t wait to see! I Love before a, and especially afters 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    Where I live is typically snowy, and this year there’s been hardly any! It makes skiing in the mountains the pits.

    At first I thought that 5 degrees wasn’t so bad, but then I remembered that you measure temperature in Fahrenheit. Brrr. A remote car starter can be your best friend when it’s cold.

    Congratulations on your new place!

  3. feltsocute says:

    LOL – Yes, 5* Celsius would be lovely this time of the year!!!

  4. George Fukuda says:

    Congratulations !!! Wonderful news ! Cant wait too see!

  5. Aemers says:

    Usually I love your blog, but seriously?!? Atleast you have a house to call home and a car to scrape snow off of! and oh the horror of not having an attached garage!! 1st world problems!

  6. Ashley says:

    Yeah, I feel you on the early morning scraping snow off the car in the bitter cold. (Never had an attached garage, so I guess it’s kinda good I’m not used to that convenience! Ha!). Our snow is slowly melting, yay!, and signs of Spring are emerging. Good luck with the move! Excited to see your home projects.

  7. Kelly says:

    We’ve had an awful winter that just won’t quit here in Massachusetts. It’s snowed 3 days into Spring already. Little to no accumulation but it still sucks. What New England state have you settled in?

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