May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

I’ve talked before about Big Cutie and her stroke story, but if you’ve missed it, here you go!

And now she’s all super high-tech and wears a Walkaide device instead of a DAFO brace, which is extra cool.  Seriously.  Like Iron Man cool.

So you can read about that special day here.

We even blinged it up to match her dress for her Bat Mitzvah because 13 year old girls are nothing but glam!

Leah's Bat Mitzvah. October 18, 2014. Tokyo.

But today I want to share some important information with you about Kids Having Strokes and some really basic red flags to look for if you have a little one.  For us it was having a dominant hand at a very early age and only using one side of the body for early reaching and crawling.  So please read this very simple mini-poster!


And if your baby or a little one you know and love is demonstrating one of these signs, ask your pediatrician!

Because early intervention, physical and occupational therapies and getting her brace have made all the difference in Big Cutie’s world.

It was the hardest question I ever asked.

And I thank G-d every day we did.

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2 Responses to May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month

  1. valerie struski says:

    i found your site as i was searching for dafos on google images. our daughter, rain, was born at 24wks weighing 1lb 2oz- she was on a ventilator for 58 days, heart surgery at abt 3 wks, 2 infections that almost killed her, eye and hernia surgery, and mystery feeding issues are some of the things we encountered in our 150 day NICU stay.
    fast forward- she’s 19 months (15 months adjusted) and we have a bright, energetic, happy, spirited little girl. she’s just amazing. she does however have some muscle issues- still can’t sit due to tight hamstrings with some muscles that are too tight and others too weak. from day one rain only really used her left side, but her right has started to come back on line (that’s what we say) and she has made big strides in the last few months. she is starting to want to stand but doesnt have the right orientation in her feet so we got a RX for Dafo 3.5. She has been fitted and will be getting them next week.
    i have a lot of thoughts and feelings abt the situation, which i would love to talk more with you abt, but i wanted to say that everything i have read about your big cutie has given me such inspiration. (and i gotta tell you, i dont ever tell people that.) after i found that first pic i couldnt stop reading her stories. she seems like such a strong, powerful, ‘regular’ (and i mean that in the best way possible) little girl. we don’t know how long rainy will have her dafo’s but seeing big cutie rock hers, until she got her amazing walkaide!, has given me my first real moments of peace.

    i’d love to talk with you more- if you are interested. let me know how to connect.
    thanks so much for sharing your story and big cuties.


  2. feltsocute says:

    Valerie – I’d love to talk to you about Rain any time! You can contact me at felt so cute {at} gmail {dot} com. Can’t wait to hear how she does with her DAFO – it made all the difference for Big Cutie!

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