I’ve Died and Gone to Pantry Heaven

So the renovations are finishing up here at the New Old House, which means it’s the beginning of Show and Tell!

When we bought this house we had a very quick turn around from the time of purchase to making the decision to renovate to when we planned to demolish.  My husband asked me the simple question did I have any idea what I wanted in a kitchen?

Silly boy.  Has he met me?

So I immediately whipped out years of tear sheets and proudly showed him just what being a Beta member of Pinterest can really do for you and got to work.  And within a week we had drawings for a complete kitchen gut and renovation {stay tuned!}.

But the original kitchen had no pantry, just a broom closet.  It did, however, have a rather large coat closet that shared a wall with what was once a bank of cabinets.  And so we put our thinking caps on and decided we were willing to do a seasonal coat switch to the attic twice a year.  And if we shrunk the coat closet, and expanded the broom closet and lost a cabinet or two, well one thing led to another and here we are……

I’ve officially died and gone to pantry heaven.

Which is really saying a lot, because I am nothing if not demanding when given the opportunity to say exactly what I wanted in a room dedicated to storage and organizing.  It had to store food {duh}, store wine because we had no space for a beverage fridge, store table linens, store all of my excessive cookie & cake decorating accessories, hold extra appliances we don’t use daily and also make room for a little coffee station for guests since only the husband occasionally has a cup on the weekends.  And did I mention I wanted it to look pretty?

I am quite the task master.

There were a few wonky nooks and crannies to work around, which is part and parcel when renovating an old house, and so we didn’t have an empty box with which to work.  In fact, the left-hand side of the pantry had a ‘lip’ of a few inches that were originally going to be left alone.  And I just couldn’t stand it.  So we made the world’s most shallow set of shelves which turn out to be absolutely perfect for a single row of cans and hanging up aprons.


The right-hand side of the pantry has slightly deeper shelves and is perfect for storing all of my cake and cookie decorating items.  Additionally I throw cookie decorating parties and have accumulated some fantastic supplies for those and now have a place where they don’t have to be packed away and opened up each time I want them.  The kitchen has a section for the cookbooks I use most frequently, but there’s also space in the pantry for the less used ones as well as holiday books. {please join me in a moment of silence for the 34 jars of sprinkles that were not permitted to be shipped back from Japan to America due to import regulations}.


Because this is an old house there is no eat-in kitchen space.  And so The Cuties will either eat quick meals like breakfast at the two-seat peninsula we created {patience, please!} or we will all eat meals at the dining room table.  Because of this, I will use my tablecloths much more than I used to, and so I really wanted space to easily store and access them.  I was kind of obsessive about this – just ask my cabinet-maker and general contractor!  After a few failed tries, we finally came up with the perfect {and cheap!} solution – the Grundtal towel holders from Ikea.  Each rod swivels out individually and we were able to install two of them to accommodate many cloths.


The center shelves have a deeper counter on the lower section and we took advantage of the corner area to make storage for small appliances that aren’t used all the time.  In the middle, we added wire bins to store things like placemats and tin foil, but really to better manage things like chips and individual snack-sized packages that I’ve always found difficult to organize on shelves in a tidy manner.

pantrycollage{There are open shelves on the left where I store extra paper towels, paper napkins and all of my reusable grocery bags.}

Above this section is all adjustable shelving with two outlets so we can run appliances here to save on counter space if necessary.  The Nespresso is set up here since coffee isn’t a big priority in our house, but it’s there and available whenever anyone would like a cup.


I’m finding that decanting our food into containers has several benefits: the most obvious being nothing goes stale because it’s all tightly sealed; no bugs; I can easily see what needs replenishing; and it makes it seem like we have an abundance of space because most packaged food is half empty in the box when you purchase it new!

pantry shelving

Did you look up and see where we snuck in some wine storage?  We intentionally set the racks in such a way that not only will they hold wine bottles of various sizes but they will also hold soda and water bottles as well.


I’m so happy with how this turned out.  Everything has a place and because it’s easy to see and access, The Cuties can find what they’re looking for and put it back.  And let’s be honest, so can the husband.  Isn’t that what organization is all about?

We set the doors so that the light goes on and off automatically when they open and close, which was a great feature {and means I’m not forever poking my head back in to turn off the light that a late-night snacker left on!}.  I found this at Wayfair.com and am really pleased with the quality and value.

lightBut the prettiest little detail on the pantry is on the outside.  I originally thought about painting the doors a bolder color than I did throughout the kitchen.  And I hemmed and hawed and flipped through swatches.  I’m certainly not afraid of color in any way, but I just couldn’t find the right color, and eventually realized that maybe it wasn’t about the right color but more that this wasn’t the right space for a bold door with what I’d done everywhere else in the kitchen.   And as I was coming to terms with this, I spied the prettiest knobs at Anthropologie, ordered them and voila!  It was exactly what I wanted.


I mean, pretty bubble glass, filled with yummy food AND its organized.

Told ya’ I died and went to pantry heaven. 😉

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3 Responses to I’ve Died and Gone to Pantry Heaven

  1. Awesome…can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Rajul Shah says:

    Love the entire thing!! the tablecloth holders and the wine bottle holders!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Fabulous–I can’t wait to see more!

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