Comcast Comedy

I’m pretty sure the folks at Comcast are talking about me in the break room.

As in, “Wait until you hear about the service call I got today!”

Our cable was installed the week after we moved in at the very beginning of May in the family room and the master bedroom.  We made the decision in this house to only get the few local channels and HBO since we really don’t watch much television other than specific shows.  And because of our hectic lifestyle, we tend to buy those on Apple TV as a series.  The husband is a finance guy and all, so he ran the numbers and realized we could rent movies at our current rate and purchase shows and still come out way ahead of what we had previously been spending on cable.  So here we are.

But it must have been a full week or so after the installation when we first went to turn the television on in our bedroom and discovered the cable programming wasn’t visible.

And so I put “call RE: cable” on my To Do list for the week.

And each week I didn’t get to it, and bumped it to the following week.

Until several weeks had passed and I finally got to calling early Friday evening.

And in the course of the conversation was asked how long we’d had the problem.  I explained it had never worked.  The service tech asked Never? No.  And we installed this a month ago? Yes.  And you haven’t had us back out? Nope.  May I ask if you’ve called about the problem previously? No, no yet. After a month of it not working? I’m shocked.  I guess not.  I don’t really watch much television, so first I didn’t notice and then it just wasn’t a big deal.

So after trying to reboot from afar without success, Comcast admitted they would have to send out a technician to the house for a service call.  Since this was Friday night, they actually would have someone in our area Saturday from 3-5 pm.  Would I like that?

We were having guests over at at that time, so I said no thank you and could I have a Monday morning appointment and scheduled that.

Fast forward to Saturday around 10 am, when Comcast called me just to say they knew I was having trouble with our cable and they would be in my neighborhood later that afternoon and would I like a service call.  I said, thanks for calling, but no thanks, and confirmed my Monday morning appointment.

And then around 3 pm, Comcast called me again to say they knew I was having trouble with my cable and someone could be there in an hour and would I like them to stop by and look.  Again, I said no thank you, that we had guests, and made sure there wasn’t an issue with the Monday appointment.

I was now feeling somewhat stalked by the cable company.  Mind you this was the same company that actually cancelled my installation three times at the onset!!!

So here we are at Monday.

My cable appointment has come and gone.

The technician has asked me all of the same questions above, stunned I’ve had cable for a month without it working and just got around to calling about it.  Turns out it was a simple issue to fix: a bad cable box, so he switched it out.  In the process of working through the problem-solving he asked me which channels we got.  I couldn’t tell him precisely which ones.  Because again, I haven’t watched TV back in America.

See, all of this could be solved and the cable companies could make me sit up and take notice if they offer a package consisting of local networks, CNN, HBO, the Food Network and HGTV.  Nothing less and nothing more.

And now there’s a TV on in my bedroom as I write this and I have to confess I find it annoying as heck.  Note to self: see if I can convince the husband to get rid of the ridiculously big television in the family room, move the one from the master bedroom down there and we become a one-television family.

I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to Comcast Comedy

  1. msumissa says:

    We are a one television family, only in the family room. Of course we all have our individual iPads for any viewing in bed, but that is limited too. We don’t have any cable, just internet. We did the same thing with the cost and it just isn’t worth it for us! I do miss HGTV though!

  2. GPM says:

    Comcast always calls a zillion times – even if it is just to confirm an appt at a time that you did agree upon. Very annoying, but not as much as their not showing up. I would not be happy with only one tv. If the Red Sox are playing and I want to watch a gardening show, then one of us moves to another room. Spoiled? Yes. But it keeps the peace.

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