Closet Parties

Our master bedroom at the #newoldhouse had a very small closet.  I mean a really, really small closet.  And as if that wasn’t criminal enough, the doors were mirrored.  And the closet was slightly shallower than a full-sized hanger.

It made me so sad I didn’t take a picture.

But we had a master plan {Get it?  Master bedroom ~ master plan?  I’m not sleeping well lately, so I’m amusing myself with tween-appropriate puns.  I know it’s not really funny.  Work with me here, people!}  There was a stupidly small fifth bedroom next to the master bedroom ~ really nursery sized only {and we all know THAT wasn’t going to be put to use in any way! MIL, I’m specifically talking to YOU!}.  So we were going to put some rolling racks in there and even an extra dresser or two and make it the “Closet Annex.”  Since the little bedroom and our room were the only rooms on that side of the staircase, we figured it was “our space,” and no big deal to live a little like we were on the road.

And then Mr Finance, AKA the Husband, crunched some numbers and said there were funds for one last project while we were under construction and already had the demo and sheet rock guys traipsing through our house and what should we do?

Without hesitation {and because I was WAY too overwhelmed to tackle the awkwardness that is the master bath!}, we began what was dubbed “The Amazing Closet” project.

Lots of Pinteresting {SO not a verb}, lots of sketches {I actually got real paper and a Sharpie this time, unlike the Pantry project}, and lots of negotiating about shoes and explaining just how many I really had….{it involves a long story about orthopedic inserts and two separate bunionectomies before I could legally drink ~ I have always told you all I have issues}.

First, we knocked down the wall between our room and the little bedroom.  In doing so, I got one of those phone calls from my General Contractor asking me to come over and see something right away ~ never the best sign.


Except we loved the idea of leaving the exposed brick and the chimney right there in our bedroom.  And so we opened it up all the way, cleaned it up and coated it in polyurethane to protect it. The alcove you see to the right is the original master closet, and the rough doorway was the original door to the closet in the little bedroom that we broke through to make a doorway to the new Amazing Closet.  We walled up the original doorway to the little bedroom and in the process of doing all of this, gained about three feet to the master bedroom that was hallway/wasted space.

And then the actual closet was installed.  There was a brief 12 hour period where I hated whats I designed, but thankfully we rearranged something and all was fixed.  If I have learned nothing from doing major remodeling, it’s not really a big project if at some point you don’t want to throw up, thinking you’ve spent huge money doing something you really dislike and have to get creative and see things differently.

Moving along.  Let’s get to the good stuff.

‘Cuz it’s really good.  Like I want to have cocktail parties in here good.  And hang out in here good.  And I find The Cuties, dancing around in here good.  And I’m pretty sure it’s what will resell this house someday good. 😉

From the doorway to the bedroom ~


From the corner of the shoe racks looking back ~


The large “drawer” is a laundry hamper ~


{never doubt my dedication to my blog readers ~ I just showed you my dirty laundry! and yes, I have Lilly pajamas ~ don’t judge}

The vertical drawer pulls on the hanging rod wall is a secret compartment!  There are two sets of hooks on each side for ties and belts.


Next to the secret compartment is a pull-out rod to use when packing or for hanging dry cleaning to be put away {there is a second one next to the longer hanging section so each of us has one when needed}.


To the right of the “armoire” section with all of the folded clothing is a set of shelves I have commandeered for purses and hats.


And did you spy the shelf mostly dedicated to my love of Cheeky Leopard clutches?


I think I have to admit that I’m officially at the point that in order to buy new shoes I will have to give up a pair.  I knew this day was near {although there are a few drawers we haven’t filled with anything yet, that clearly could hold more ballet flats!}.


My favorite part of the closet I owe to my husband ~ he encouraged me to think bigger and better.  And so under the window we put not only drawers but the top two very skinny drawers that went all the way across.


And out came my sketch pad and Sharpie again…..



The nicest thing about these drawers is that the wood dividers are all one large grid and come out so I can clean the velvet lined drawer with a lint brush from time to time {one of my pet peeves with my nice jewelry box was how dust got in the little corners I could never get clean without taking something like q-tips to every nook and cranny}.

So there it is.  A major project, completely finished, unpacked and put together.

If you’re looking for me, you’ll know where to find me.  Just look for me in my closet.

Now if only I’d thought to put a mini-fridge in there…..

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6 Responses to Closet Parties

  1. angie says:

    I’ve been a long time follower but first time commenting. This came out beautiful!

  2. Joanna Robertson says:

    OMGosh! My Dream Closet! You are SO LUCKY and I’m happy for you, but I will keep on dreaming!

  3. Jill says:

    You “know” me from BBC (Jill&Ryan) and as I told you before I love your blog. First your pantry, now your closet, someday if you move call me, I will buy your house. Swoon!!

  4. walden says:

    Your pantry was nice, but this closet is OMG, OMG, OMG. Love it!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Its’s ahh-mazing. I just did my closet and have been joking that I could have guests over to have a glass of wine in there, but I may just prefer to drink my wine in your closet now!

  6. Kirstin T says:

    That is spectacular! How much fun it must be to get dressed every morning!

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