Express Yourself

I am a Prepster.  My blood runs pink and green.  I think Lilly Pulitzer and Audrey Hepburn are true fashion icons.  I’d wear pearls to work out in if I actually worked out.

One of The Cuties more or less agrees, and one does not.

And I think it’s wonderful.

I am very comfortable in the fact that all the world does not share my fashion choices and I want The Cuties to have their own ideas and opinions not just about style, but about politics, food, literatures and well….everything.  I’m not raising them to be Mini Me’s {OK, Big Cutie does look ridiculously like me but that’s just outwardly so}, but to be individuals with their own likes and dislikes.

The Husband and I feel pretty strongly that it’s our job in life to mold them into people with good hearts who know the difference between right and wrong, who think for themselves, and who try hard.  And not to encourage them just to do or believe like us simply because we think we’re right about everything.

And so when Little Cutie came to us and asked to dye her hair blue and purple it just didn’t seem a big deal to say yes.

I made her an appointment for the week after school got out and she has spent months thinking and talking about how exactly she was going to do this, what colors she wanted, and where on her head she wanted color.  I mean, there was a LOT of talk in our house.  I’m pretty sure we debated colored hair dye more than we actually discussed her shaving her head two years ago!

A few people have voiced disagreement with this decision to Little Cutie and to us as parents for allowing her to do this.  We have staunchly supported her right to express what she thinks is both beautiful and “cool,” and assured them we thought it would look great.

And quite frankly, as parents, we think expressing yourself through hair is just about one of the healthiest way for kids to do so ~ it’s temporary, it grows, it can be covered up with dye if necessary, and ultimately cut off.  There are no long-term consequences like piercings or tattoos.  And so our philosophy as parents has been that if you are following the rules in our house and doing your best in school, your hair is fair game.  I only said no to bleach at their ages as I don’t want them to start down that path and start damaging their hair.  We are also very fortunate that the girls and I go to an environmentally friendly salon that uses ammonia-free dyes and has some really great options available.

So my usually incredibly impatient Little Cutie sat for 3 hours today during the processes of color, wash, cut and blow out.  She wanted me to take pictures and document every step of the way since most of the action was going on behind her!


Her enthusiasm was infectious and she had everyone in the salon checking her out ~


She has not stopped tossing her hair in the sun light to catch the ombre effect as it changes from purple to indigo to blue ~


I had a phenomenal day with Little Cutie and the single best part was eating lunch with her afterward when she turned to me and said, Mom, I just feel so great right now!


I mean, purple and blue hair isn’t MY fashion choice, but all I’d pick for my whole family ~ and even myself ~ is to wake up every day and be able to say “I just feel so great!”


Wouldn’t you?

All that joy AND I’m pretty sure I was the only preppy Mom around town today in pearls and Lilly Pulitzer excitedly awaiting the results of blue and purple hair dye. I’m so glad life is never boring.  🙂

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9 Responses to Express Yourself

  1. Beth Robinson says:

    This makes me think about hair color for kids in a whole new light. Thank you!

  2. Shannon says:

    I love this! Her hair looks so good. I’ll have to remember your words when my little girl is older.

  3. Joanna Robertson says:

    Absolutely adorable. And what a great Mom you are to allow her this freedom decision.

  4. msumissa says:

    Lemme tell you about the time I dyed my kids’ hair pink (a couple of sections on each kid) with Manic Panic one summer… They were 9 and 6… It was fun, they loved it. Then the end of summer came and did I mention they go to Catholic school? And manic panic doesn’t wash out? Whoops! So I dyed it back and it was just fine!

    They had fun, it was harmless and it is HAIR!

    The way you started I thought her whole head was going to be purple!

    I think it looks fun, fresh and young! Glad you were open to it and she looks awesome!

    Are the girls going to camp this summer? Mine leave in 5 weeks! AHHH

  5. Cute Grandma says:

    She not only feels great, but looks great! Beautiful Little Cutie!

  6. feltsocute says:

    There was talk of a full head dye, but she was especially drawn to the “dipped in ink” look and didn’t want to deal with roots growing in since her grows so crazy fast (remember she was bald almost exactly two years ago!).

  7. Condo Blues says:

    I love her hair! Although I am biased because my hair is green, I’m wearing a summery flamingo print shift dress (not Lily but very Lily-ish) and my hair is going to be dyed bright pink today! If they didn’t tell you at the salon, bright dyes fade more quickly. A sulfate free shampoo helps with the fading. So does not washing your hair as often. I use a dry shampoo in between real shampoos every two days or longer if I can stand it although I usually can’t 🙂

  8. Julie says:

    It turned out perfectly!!! She looks like a doll. What a personality she has! Just fabulous!!!!

  9. Lynne says:

    That amount is just perfect! I Have a daughter around big cutie age so I get the bright color hair trend. I agree with you my girls are having fun wearing different color hair all summer(It’s just hair pieces). I don’t have the same style but I’m not going to stop their fun.

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