The Napping Sofa

Almost fifteen years ago the Husband and I inherited the best sofa from my grandparents.


My Grandfather was a wonderfully perfect blend of spontaneity and routine.

While on a trip with them in Amsterdam as a 13-year old, my Grandmother and I were in our room unpacking while my Grandfather went exploring in the hotel.  He returned with the tale of having met other Americans who worked on some television show he’d never heard of, but upon telling them he was touring with his granddaughter they had invited us to be extras throughout the city and he happily rearranged some early morning sightseeing when he saw my enthusiasm.  And that’s how I became a walk-on in my purple Pappagallo raincoat on The Love Boat Goes to Amsterdam & Copenhagen.

And every day of his retirement, he did the crossword puzzle, went for a walk, played golf if the weather permitted, ate ice cream and took a nap.  Is that a great way to spend your life or what?

My Grandmother chose this sofa for my Grandfather’s naps.  All eight feet of it to accommodate his more than six feet of height.  I remember him stretched out, catnapping on the sofa, shoes lined up next to it, and somehow always waking in almost precisely an hour, refreshed and ready for action {which often involved sneaking us out for the aforementioned ice cream before dinner}.

Near the end of my Grandfather’s life, the Husband was in graduate school nearby and so I would often stop by and visit my Grandfather on my way home from work.  I’d often find myself slipping off my shoes, and lying down on the sofa for an hour nap while my Grandfather slept nearby in his Hospice bed.  It made me feel close to him, literally and figuratively in those days when we were so clearly losing him.  I chatted with him during a rare moment he was lucid,  and then napped there just hours before I drove home and got the call he’d passed.


When the Husband and I were offered the Napping Sofa during the division of my grandparents’ things, we took it knowing someday we hoped to give it a little love.

For a few years it sat in our starter home’s otherwise empty living room, sad and faded maize yellow, with it’s soulmate orange club chairs, looking like the rejects from a Mad Men set.  And then one year there was enough saved to send them off for new stuffing, new fabric and some skirting to make the styling more along the lines of our tastes.

And the Napping Sofa was returned to her original glory.

It’s just plain delightful to stretch out, get comfy and immediately fall asleep.  I’ve napped there with babies, toddlers, and now teenagers.  The Husband and I can both fit, nestled together, and all of our dogs have pushed their way up on there with me, snuggled up tight on cold days.  And in an upright position, at eight feet long, it comfortably fits 4-5 adults seated at a party, which is a fabulous thing.


So it is my favorite thing to have unpacked and settled once again into a new house of ours.  Not much else in the living room remains the same, but the Napping Sofa rules the room.  We played with several layouts, and ultimately decided the allure of napping in front of the fireplace was most important and settled on that one.

It’s a beautiful thing to stretch out this much on a sofa for a little snooze.

{you can see naps are taking priority over hanging some art or taking rugs in for repair}


And if you come visit me and I really, really like you, I just might give up my afternoon spot for a little bit.

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