Put a Frame on It

We are continuing to open boxes on what we’ve dubbed The World’s Longest Move and Unpacking Adventure.

But this week’s project has been to hang art in the Living Room.  There’s a big expanse of a wall that likely isn’t going to have a piece of furniture on it {until I get a bee in my bonnet to start rearranging the whole place – I mean, who are we kidding here?}, so I wanted to hang many pieces.

I’ve been waiting on one last special item to return from the framer’s and it was finally ready for pick up yesterday.

A few summers ago in Kiawah, Big Cutie and Cute BFF’s son took an En Plein Air painting class out on the marshes.  They made the most lovely palette knife paintings of The Happy Place and I crossed my fingers that the oil paint had dried enough to safely pack the canvas up to take back to Japan with us.  I proudly displayed the painting, leaned on a bookshelf, but knew someday I wanted to do more with it.

And someday was here.

The plan for the living room wall was a lot of art with different frames in various widths of gold.  Because Big Cutie’s painting was one of the smaller pieces for the wall, I wanted to frame it in a way that would give it some real substance.

But framing it gave it more than just framing substance.

When Big Cutie realized what I was doing, she was SO excited.  In a way I stopped and had a Mom moment, because thirteen year olds don’t always show excitement to their parents for parenting things like this very often anymore.

I’ve framed lots of artwork The Cuties have done over the years, but I made the connection that this is the first piece I’ve had professionally framed instead of doing it myself with ready made mats and frames.  And I know exactly why it was so meaningful to her; because at 44 I can remember that the first piece of art I created that my parents had professionally framed was a pastel drawing I did of our ceramic frog cookie jar.


I was so happy when I picked it up last night after dinner, that I immediately started to arrange art on the floor of the living room in anticipation of hanging it all this morning.  This wouldn’t be such a big deal except we don’t have any lights yet in this room! So I was working almost entirely in the dark except for one small lamp plugged in to an inconveniently located outlet in the corner.  I believe we have discussed many times that I am nothing but impatient.

So this morning I woke up and started hammering in my pajamas.  Which Murphy’s Law means that the landscapers would arrive right about then because in addition to no lighting in the Living Room, we also have no window treatments {didn’t I mention this was a long and drawn out unpack for me?}.  Never mind, I have no shame.



There’s a mixture now of professional artists, my art, family art, and my daughter’s art.

This wall makes me very happy.

After the sales woman in the frame shop showed me the completed project she oohed and aahed and told me how much she loved modern paintings and asked if I knew the artist who did this one.

I sure do.  I kinda love her and her work.

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4 Responses to Put a Frame on It

  1. I love the painting by the cutie. Fabulous!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Love this


  3. Dawn says:

    Love the way the wall came out and I think Big Cutie’s painting is fabulous.

  4. Julie says:

    Beautiful painting! Love your lovely wall too! You are such great Mom!

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