Our Kitchen Reveal

It’s been a long time coming, but the final cabinet tweak is finished and we are happily baking and cooking up a storm in our renovated kitchen and ready to share.

To remind you of where we started when we bought the New Old House:

Spacious kitchen opens to large family room


The best way to describe the kitchen was dark and dated.  There was damaged laminate, a fruit-themed tile back splash, cabinets that had only their fronts replaced a good two decades ago and were falling apart inside, flourescent lights, no pantry, and a floor almost two inches off from one end to the other!

The biggest thing we couldn’t change was the actual blueprint of the kitchen; it would need to remain a galley kitchen as there was no room for expansion or reassigning space from an adjacent room.  There was, however, a long list of things we wanted to change that we could achieve, ranging from removing the header between the family room and kitchen to new flooring in both rooms to pretty much gutting the rest of the kitchen for new cabinets, counters, back splash and appliances.

And so we took possession of the house and literally within hours it looked like this!


And after a bit of hard work {not by us!} it looked like this ~


And in what may have set a land-speed record for fastest renovation decisions made for a complete kitchen remodel, I chose everything in under a week and the subcontractors began to work their magic.

I must confess how mesmerizing I found it to watch the master craftsmen at work.  The attention to detail that goes into making a cabinet – joints, finish, pulls, even working with me to select the perfect hinge – was fascinating.  And the precision with which people like my tile guys worked was incredible.  If I didn’t desperately want to get into the house and actually cook in the kitchen, I would have tried to sweet talk my way into some lessons just for the sheer knowledge of how to install decorative back splash!

And so here we are.

It’s exactly what I envisioned.  Lighter, brighter and functional in all the ways we wanted.

We put in new hardwoods that were stained to match the original 91-year-old floors and remove almost the entire header.  We added a much-needed pantry space that also serves as additional storage. We were able to sneak in a small peninsula with room for The Cuties to eat breakfast or work on homework while I’m cooking.  We removed the small double ovens and added a dual-fuel dual range, perfect for both cooking and baking.  And because  I love to bake, as do The Cuties, we made a “Baking Center.”





After much consideration we went with a Quartzite countertop and I’m so happy with the choice.  There’s more play in the stone than usually found in a marble, but it still has the lightness I was looking for.  Additionally, I love the contrast against the charcoal gray granite sink we used {total props to The Husband for finding this option and convincing me to go with this as both an aesthetic choice and a solution to my loathing of the banging sounds in stainless steel sinks!}


These stainless steel shelves were the bane of both my contractor and cabinet maker’s existence, I’m sure.  They both repeatedly asked me if this was really what I wanted when we talked about them over and over again, and I drew sketches and they tried to explain what exactly would go into fabricating these from scratch.  It was truly the one spot of the kitchen I was inflexible on; I had a vision and I wasn’t to be swayed.  Even at installation, there was a gaggle of men in my house questioning my judgment.

And then they installed them and I ran and grabbed the box filled with my bowls, cake plates and glass jars and threw them up there and stood back pleased as punch with myself  as they all agreed it was fantastic {wasn’t I saying that at along!}


The cabinet has pull out drawers that hold all sorts of baking goodies, close at hand, nicely organized.  The counter is wide enough {almost four feet} that the cabinet can be open with the drawers out and I can still stand at the counter working and grab what I need.


And because we left no space unused, we even snuck in a toe kick drawer underneath the Baking Center for my most oft-used cookie sheets, including my commercial-sized one.


I have a lot of other muffin trays as well as some very large serving platters.  Because I don’t need access to these all the time, we made space for them above the refrigerator.


We don’t tend to use a microwave that much in our house other than popping popcorn for movie nights, but felt it would be foolish to complete a kitchen renovation and not make space for one {let’s be honest: we move too often not to consider resale at least a bit!}.  So we snuck a small microwave onto the end of the peninsula with a shelf for my most-frequently used cookbooks {the rest have space on a shelf in the pantry}.


The final small detail I love in our new kitchen are the dish drawers.  I knew it was a smart choice when Little Cutie was unloading the dishwasher shortly after we moved in and commented to me how convenient it was that the dishes ended up in the drawer next to the dishwasher.  I love that she thought it was happenstance!


I finished unpacking one of the last boxes a week or so ago and stumbled upon a large accordion folder filled with decorating magazine tear sheets.  At one point we were living in a house we planned to renovate and this was my idea book from about six or seven years ago.  I pulled out everything from the kitchen section and laughed.

It was page after page of all white kitchens, with stainless and gray accents, and I had circled ideas that helped with space-saving organizing.

I am nothing if not consistent!

So that’s it!  We’re about 95% done.  There’s a little more art to hang or find and I still need window treatments, but we’re clean, we’re done and we’re cooking!


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9 Responses to Our Kitchen Reveal

  1. Jonathan says:

    Love it- well done with that sink!

  2. PoppaJDawg says:

    Impressive job…enjoy

  3. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Meghan says:

    It is gorgeous!!! And you were definitely right about the stainless steel shelves 🙂

  5. What is the name of your quartzite? The whole kit(chen) and kaboodle looks great!

  6. feltsocute says:

    Super White Quartzite (although this particular slab has a little more gray than others we saw). And thanks!

  7. walden says:

    I can’t believe how fast you were able to make decisions about this project, and it doesn’t look like there’s a single thing to regret. I love everything about it.

  8. Wow ! It looks totally amazing – stunning congratulations! Those stainless steal shelves- oi! High five on those! They are a picture in themselves. Love love love the colors!

  9. Jill says:

    Absolutely stunning! Great job, I love the drawers for your plates and the small lower drawer for the cookie sheets, brillant!

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