Creating a Mitzvah Planning Binder

I’m a big believer in binders to organize major projects.

And planning and organizing my older daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was certainly one of the bigger projects I’ve undertaken in my life.  In addition to being a major religious milestone requiring years of study, planning the party was a bit like planning our wedding ~ two different families to cater to, the Husband and I were hosting our own friends,  plus a thirteen year old with ideas of her own!


In planning Big Cutie’s Bat Mitzvah, I found the following divider tabs to be the most useful to keep everything organized:

BUDGET {I keep my running spreadsheet here}


CEREMONY {this is a good place to keep all the information from the synagogue, Torah portion, speeches, service attendance information}





INVITATIONS {guest lists}

TABLE DECOR {flowers, centerpieces, linen rentals}


MEMORIES {sign in books, keepsake boxes}

HOTEL {group booking information, hotel welcome bag letters}






I found it helpful to keep copies of my contracts filed where I could easily reference them when I wanted to check on an issue.  And certain things are just easier to work out on paper such as seating charts or having your child check off RSVPs or thank you notes.

With daughters just two years apart, it’s time to start planning Little Cutie’s Bat Mitzvah.

And so here we go again, ready or not!

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2 Responses to Creating a Mitzvah Planning Binder

  1. Suzanne says:

    My eldest daughter isn’t until September of 2018 (we have her date so early because she is the last one in her grade). My girls are also two years apart and I have vowed not to plan a thing until my younger daughter gets her date. I am pinning your post because I am sure I will need it before I know it!

  2. mrskt says:

    I can’t believe Little Cutie is old enough for this!!! 😳 when did that happen?!?!

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