Manicure Station

Since the move back to America, I have been storing all of my manicure and pedicure supplies in a large bin.  OK, let’s be honest: “storing” implies there was some master plan of organization and this was really more of a “dumping” master plan.  I basically emptied all my nail polishes, files, clippers, etc into a random bin and shoved it underneath the sink in the master bathroom.

And not surprisingly, I then promptly ignored it.

However, I’ve been rethinking my regular gel manicures of late.  I can do without the expense, my nails are getting thinner and more brittle every time, and the constant exposure to ultraviolet light has to be a health risk {and after this week’s news I think I can give up biweekly manicures far more easily than bacon}.

So knowing myself, I realized I needed to reorganize my supplies in a way that I could move them from the bathroom for storage to wherever in the house I wanted to do my nails {translation: in front of the television}.

After discovering that there is, in fact, something The Container Store does not have the perfect solution for, and reaching the end of the Internet without success, I was ready to ditch my plan for portable greatness and go with a plastic shoebox when a run through Marshalls found the perfect solution for a mere $7!


This caddy holds about 20 polishes plus base & top coats, all my tools, and a bottle of remover.  It even has a handle to easily move it from place to place and because it’s lucite I can periodically wipe it down as necessary.  Score!


And since I can see everything it’s easy to find which color I want and put things back where they belong.  No more rummaging to the bottom of the bin looking for a lost color.


I will now confess that upon finishing this small organizing project and painting my own nails for the first time in a while, I have to now acknowledge that I require my reading glasses to accomplish this task.  Fortunately there’s room in the caddy for a pair!

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