Bare Bones Laundry Room

I love the idea of a fabulous laundry room.

So much so that I have a Pinterest Laundry Room Board with more than 40 pins of pretty rooms, ranging from the colorful to the serene, organized and spacious.  I adore the idea of creating a pleasant and welcoming space for a tedious chore.  If money and square footage were limitless my ideal laundry room would have windows, a beautiful light fixture, shelves, fantastic wallpaper and colorful appliances.

And that’s not remotely what I’m going to share today!

The laundry room in the New Old House is a bare bones utilitarian space.

Its most redeeming feature is that somewhere down the line an owner relocated the laundry from the unfinished basement up to the second floor near the bedrooms.  In previous homes I haven’t always loved an upstairs laundry room due to noise concerns outside bedrooms, but this room is far enough away from the three rooms we occupy that it’s not an issue.  Additionally, our unfinished basement is well….unfinished in a 100-year-old house, so not really a place I want to hang out with our clean clothes.  And finally, the staircase is narrow enough I’d be carting the basket awkwardly up and down.  So I’m happy for small favors.


So nothing fancy.

The washer and dryer don’t match.  But they came with the house and they work.  So they’ll do until they don’t.

There’s no pretty paint or wallpaper, no cute cubbies, and no chandelier.

But there’s room to hang dry clothes, hang up my ironing board and store all the essentials we need to end up with clean clothes.



You may have noticed the Post-It note on the washing machine, stack of them on the hanging shelf and the Sharpie hanging from a ribbon. What are they for?

Our not-so-high-tech reminder system!

When one of us puts something in the washing machine that needs to be hung up to dry, we write what it is on a Post-It note, and stick it on the front of the washer.  It serves as a visual reminder when it’s time to switch the load so everything doesn’t just get tossed into the dryer.


The Cuties are now old enough that they are responsible for their own laundry {Do you hear the gates to heaven opening and angels singing?!!!}.  But every so often they were forgetting which settings the machines needed so I made a simple print out to serve as a reminder and popped it into an Ikea frame from my stash.


If you’d like to print it for your own Laundry Room, here you go: LaundryPDF

When we first moved in, renovating this space was high on my priority list.  However, now that we’ve been here several months it’s serving us just fine as is.

I’m willing to bet it’s the laundry assistance.

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3 Responses to Bare Bones Laundry Room

  1. Christy says:

    Hey Alisha – love the post-it & directions print out. I’m going to do that for our laundry room. The one thing I do differently that might help you and others is I have three laundry baskets. A white one for lights/whites, a black one for darks and a third smaller one for all of the red/pink/purple clothes. So clothes are sorted as they go into the laundry room, it saves one step when it comes time to actually do the laundry.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I have am almost “pinterest-worthy” laundry room, but 1) honestly it doesn’t make me want to do laundry anymore than if it weren’t, and 2) nobody would ever know how pinterst-worthy it is because I don’t have professional light umbrellas and photography skills to show it off in a away that would actually make pinterest :)! I really appreciate that you put this honest, efficient and useful space on the web! It looks like a perfect room to me!

  3. Karen says:

    Ali, as a military spouse, I take what I get with each house. And some laundry rooms are more pleasant and functional than others. The post it notes are brilliant. Adding a stack of those today! I also have a 3-basket divider system that helps. And yes! My kiddos started helping with laundry a few years ago, and it was a tremendous help. (Although, my daughter is the better folder. We all tend to refold my son’s effort!) Thanks for sharing!

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