What’s In My Bag?

I’ve been back in America for a full year now and I have to confess I can’t get enough of being able to purchase English magazines every week at the checkout!

I pretend I’m classy with People and Us Weekly since I never buy OK or InTouch but who are we kidding ~ they’re all pretty trashy.

One of my favorite features is US Weekly’s “What’s In My Bag?”  I love to see what random things people cart around with them and can’t live without.

So I thought I’d share what I schlep around on a daily basis.


From left to right: I use the slim pouch that came with my purse to store receipts and coupons, I keep a small coin purse with my headphones, tissues, a snack(!), my calendar, pouch with pens, wallet, sunglasses, pouch filled with all sorts of things, reading glasses and keys.  My cell phone is almost always in my hand or pocket, but otherwise goes in the purse, too!

And here’s the contents of my purple paisley pouch {say that ten times fast!} ~


Bandaids, ponytail holders, a compact {Lilly Pulitzer, of course!}, Benadryl, floss, my inhaler, spare disposable contact lenses, two favorite lipstick shades {one nude and one bright – gotta have options!}, a stain stick, Tums, nail file, tweezers, and toothpicks.

This bag is probably used daily by a member of the Felt So Cute household, so it gets replenished often.  And I keep a separate small pill case in a zippered pouch inside my purse with a couple of doses of whatever medication The Cuties and I are currently taking in case we leave the house without taking our pills.

I know it looks like I leave with the kitchen sink, but it all does fit quite reasonably inside.


On the weekends, I usually leave my calendar at home.

Which means The Husband has room for his sunglasses, wallet, keys….

I doubt I’ll ever be a minimalist. 😉

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