Classic Hanukkah Decorations

Hanukkah starts early this year {first candle lighting is December 6th} so we opened up the Hanukkah bins and started our decorating so we could enjoy some holiday sparkle as long as possible.

One of the big changes in The New Old House is that we’ve transformed our living room from golds and reds to golds and blues.  The new decor looks so pretty with our holiday decor I suspect we may leave things up a little longer than usual!

Two of our hanukkiahs {menorahs} are out and cleaned already and I have a few more still to go.  We bought the blue and white ceramic one this year from Fair Trade Judaica ~ I love that it’s blue and white painted pottery and was made in Vietnam, one of our favorite countries we visited in our travels as Expats.


I am also rather partial to hand-dipped ombre candles as you can tell!

Here’s what the room looks like when you walk in from the foyer ~


I’m trying to keep on top of the gift wrapping, so gifts are being stashed in that big basket in the far left-hand corner.

Our ragamuffin garland is on the fireplace as always, and I’ve kept my foo dogs on the mantel but added some glittered dreidels to my blue and white Japanese hibachis.  And Whole Foods had some beautiful blue hydrangeas this week that were too lovely to pass up so I grabbed them and did a variation on previous years’ sneaky centerpieces using dreidels instead of gelt.



Years ago I found this sweet little needle pointed pillow.  It’s been so hard until recently to find any Hanukkah decor, let alone things that aren’t plastic or paper temporary decorations that it’s always been one of my favorites.  It looks especially nice with my Chiang Mai dragon blue colorway pillows! {and check out the dreidel music box on the side table as well}


I have one other music box that also happens to be a snow globe I pulled out this year.  It’s a little kitschy, but fun and I still haven’t finished styling this table anyway, so why not.


Finally, no Hanukkah would be complete without gelt!  I know better than put it all out this early in the season, so the rest is hidden far away!


Next project….addressing all the holiday cards!

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1 Response to Classic Hanukkah Decorations

  1. Thrilled to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday, seriously lacking in Hanukkah contributions, so thanks so much for stopping by. Love the raggy garland!

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