Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate dipped pretzels have become a go-to treat in The Felt So Cute household.

They’re appealing to tween and teen girls who still want fun treats to bring to school on occasion, and they don’t require schlepping the cupcake carrier!

However, I recently had a friend comment on how she didn’t know how to make them so I thought I would share my fast and easy tricks with you.

I buy melting chocolate at places like Michael’s or Joann Fabric and Crafts.  It’s almost always on sale, it comes in all different colors if you’re trying to match a theme or school colors, and it’s microwave-friendly {one bag of candy melts=approximately one bag of pretzel rods}.  You’ll then also need large cookie sheets, wax paper, sprinkles, a spoon and a few bowls.


Melt your chocolate in the microwave in short increments, stirring before putting the bowl back into the microwave.  Be careful not to ever go too long at one burst ~ burned chocolate is not your friend!

Dip your pretzel rod a third to halfway down and swirl it around, gently tapping the excess chocolate off.  Some people prefer to cover their pretzel completely in chocolate, but I find that to be a LOT of chocolate and you start to miss out on the saltiness of the pretzel, and the salty-sweet balance is what makes these so yummy.

dippingchocolateBefore the chocolate sets, sprinkle your sprinkles {really, there’s no better word I can come up with!} all over the chocolate.  I like to do this over a bowl to catch the excess sprinkles. I do this for two reasons: to save the extras to reuse and to avoid sprinkles flying all over my kitchen counters and floors {it’s especially evil with these nonpareils!}.


It’s tempting to want to dip the pretzel rod right into the sprinkles, but you’ll end up with a clumpy mess and chocolate in your sprinkles container.  Plus, you can’t do this with your extras because they’ll be “contaminated” ~


Once your pretzels are dipped and sprinkled, lay them on cookie sheets lined in wax paper to set.  In warmer weather you may need to put them in your refrigerator but this time of the year they are fine sitting right on my kitchen counter and will completely set in well under a half hour.


I then just slip them in cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon!  Wilton makes bags specifically for dipped pretzels, but any that are skinny in shape will do.



For parties where I’ve needed to make very large quantities of these, I’ve dipped and sprinkled the pretzels up to two weeks in advance and stored them in air-tight containers on sheets of wax paper.  They have stayed completely fresh and were ready to be packaged at a later date {I didn’t package them at the time I made them because I was concerned the tied ribbon wasn’t truly air-tight}.

You can get really creative with these and still maintain the ease factor!

Yellow melting chocolates, candy eyeballs and black sprinkles and make Minions

Dip them three times in white, yellow and orange and it’s candy corn

Use white chocolate and a black edible marker for eyes and you have ghosts

Red, white and blue and call them sparklers

Leave them plain chocolate and call them Harry Potter wands! 😉

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