Holiday Card Display Ideas

I love sending holiday cards.

I love to display the cards we receive even more.

Now that we are in the New Old House our previous method isn’t working for us, so I came up with something new this year.

One of my many treasures brought back from shrine sales in Japan was a bamboo silkworm tray that we hung in our living room.  Inspired by an old Tokyo Jinja feature of our friend Lisa George’s use of a similar tray for her inspiration board, I thought this would make a perfect holiday card display!


I found tiny clothespins in a wide assortment of colors at Michael’s and chose blues and golds to coordinate with my Hanukkah decor.


I love watching the tray fill up as the mail arrives each day.

In past years we’ve had some high mantels that enabled us to use our fireplace and safely use the space for display at the same time.  I ran a wide ribbon from one end to the other  and simply hung cards over the ribbon.  For flat cards, I made a small ‘tab’ with tape to hang them without issue.


There are many other fantastic ideas out there for cards displays that I’ve seen.  Here are a few of my favorites ~

Across a piano from Little Birdie Secrets {can’t you just imagine playing holiday music while looking at messages of the season?}


This beautiful card tree from Martha Stewart


I love the classic look of the garland on this staircase with the added touch of holiday cards as shown by Clover Lane ~


and how fun are these vintage skis with photos or cards tucked in during the winter months at Finding Home Farms?  I think you could easily do something similar with an old Flexible Flyer toboggan!


I’d love to hear what you do that’s different.

And if you haven’t mailed us a holiday card yet, please do so ~ we promise to hang it prominently right away!

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4 Responses to Holiday Card Display Ideas

  1. Shannon Hewins says:

    Not really different. We have a wide opening into the living room. I hang the card on the inside part of the side of the walk way. Only 5 cards so far this year though. LOL

  2. SLL says:

    We hang over the fireplace mantle but I love the banister idea. Guess which card arrives first every year? 🙂

  3. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Love love love the silkworm tray display with the tiny clothespins! Off to do the same!

  4. They all look great – silk worm tray, banister and Ski’s notable favorites! Honored to be mentioned bowing deeply. Here’s to “Happy Everything”!

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