More Kitchen Organizing Projects

We’ve hit the six month point in the New Old House, which means that we’ve lived with how we’ve unpacked our things long enough to see what’s worked and what needs a little tweaking and reorganizing.

This weekend I tackled a few hot spots in the kitchen that are repeat offenders and am feeling like this room is finally complete {minus that missing window treatment still, but I’m working on that issue, I promise!}

So here is where we are with the kitchen ~



{you can see some before pics from the renovation here}

There were two large drawers that were essentially the dumping grounds for all the cooking utensils and serving pieces that weren’t everyday silverware or so frequently used items that they belonged in the countertop crock.  In an effort to repurpose as many trays as possible I opted not to purchase perfectly coordinating organizing containers {OK, who are we kidding?  I wanted to go cheap and have instant gratification}




Even under the sink need a little helping hand {see?  still not matching}


I keep very little on my counter tops, but do have a very essentials near my stove top.  I took this deep cleaning and organizing project as an opportunity to redo my test tube spice rack {you can purchase it here, and I make my own labels to customize my spices}.


And this is where I know I’ve reached new levels of organizing geekiness:  I am really excited about my new Fridge Coasters.  Like inappropriately excited.  I intensely dislike the process of cleaning out the drawers and doors of my refrigerator, and am hoping these will ease this onerous task.  At the very least they look cute.



I even patched, sanded and repainted some damage to a wall.

I’m clearly feeling healthy and am serious about working on this house again.  Be warned people.  I’m about to get crazy 😉

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7 Responses to More Kitchen Organizing Projects

  1. Laurie says:

    Ok, I give. What’s a fridge coaster and how do I get/make one?!

  2. Mom says:

    Like it all but REALLY like the part where you say you are clearly feeling healthy, 😀🎉👍🏻😄‼️ Mom

  3. feltsocute says:

    It’s an absorbent “coaster” that fits inside the drawer or doors to absorb spills. You could also line all your shelves I imagine, but for me those aren’t nearly as cumbersome to clean – this way, I’ll just pop out the coaster and clean it instead of having to take the actual drawer out to wash. This brand (Fridge Coaster) comes in colors and prints, but since you’re overseas I bet you could buy vinyl placemats and cut them to size!

  4. Jenn W-K says:

    What’s the name of the paint color on the wall? I love love love that shade…trying to get away from the bright colors that are currently on some of the walls in our house!

  5. feltsocute says:

    I custom color-matched it to a piece of fabric I found, but it’s closest to Benjamin Moore Green Wave

  6. Lord you need to come to my house- apparently I buy baskets to organize every time I move- right now the local Pier 1 doesn’t have as many as I do. Sheesh

  7. feltsocute says:

    Well based on how many times you’ve moved, I imagine you have quite the store! 😉

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