Tween Dreams

It was so long ago that I shared Big Cutie’s Teen Bedroom I imagine my readers were getting concerned that Little Cutie has been sleeping in the garage in our leftover boxes.

But never fear, the last project was finished right before the holidays and a few recent birthday additions have been put away and she is finally all set!

Here’s the view from the hallway looking in ~


Art that is meaningful to Little Cutie ~


{From Left to Right: her Hebrew baby naming certificate, her first detailed drawing of our family, her fan from nihon buyo dance classes in Japan, framed candy since we’ve always called her Gumballs, this sign, art from Hong Kong, and a signed Kathryn Brown painting from the book Lullaby to Lullaby}

Now that Little Cutie is a big, bad Middle Schooler she needed a proper desk for her homework.  Four friends of mine have a fantastic vintage shop called Blaze and Bloom where I found this desk.  Except it looked very grown up in teal with sedate knobs.  When I showed them a pillowcase from her room they agreed that simply wouldn’t do and repainted it bold and bright and surprised me with the glam knobs.  There was an audible gasp from The Girl when I pulled it out of my car!


Her bed ~ this makes me so happy!  {You may recognize the wrought iron frame from Big Cutie’s last room in America before we lived in Tokyo – there was some shuffling that happened when we moved our things out of storage and the good news is that everyone fished their wish!}



We donated a lot of old toys we unpacked from storage that The Cuties had outgrown, but a few things were too beloved and sentimental to give up yet.  So the American Girl dolls were boxed up into the attic for the next generation {which simultaneously melts my heart and kills me}.  But we came up with a new use for the Polly Pockets and the two of us turned them into a lamp for her bedside table.


You may have noticed the ragamuffin garland above her bed.  It’s made from several of her old Lilly Pulitzer dresses and skirts.  Some LOLPs {Lovers of Lilly Pulitzer} may find ripping them up to be a sacrilege, but it was a great way to repurpose things we loved, make our own art, and create something she potentially could take to use through high school or even college.


Little Cutie has always been a voracious reader; she loves nothing better than snuggling up with a good book.  So in a moment of sheer ridiculousness we bought her this giant cat bean bag as her big birthday present.  It was an insanely huge hit and we find her curled up in it all the time.  Such silliness.


Another piece of art in the room is her framed bunny.  Little Cutie’s lovey was always this bunny, named Night Night Bunny.  After many surgical repairs we reached a point where I could no longer work my Mama Magic and the fabric was shredding at the touch.  This is a safe and special way to keep him near and dear.


Finally, Little Cutie also received this giant hippo for her 12th birthday.  We’d seen it every week at the grocery store and oohed and aahed over it and laughed at its obnoxious price tag.  And then it was 50% off on Black Friday so The Husband ran over and grabbed it!  Do you KNOW how challenging it is to wrap a gift like this?


And Little Cutie promptly named him George.  Any guesses why?  Hint: from a terrific book series!

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5 Responses to Tween Dreams

  1. Rajul says:

    Love everything you did! So creative to use the dresses!!

  2. SLL says:

    George and Martha? We love those books! The room looks amazing!

  3. Love the shredded Lily look- that’s a great idea!!! Y’all did a great job and the Cuties’ rooms!

  4. Katie says:

    Room looks so perfect for a Tween! Getting ideas for my daughter! I do have a question…Where do your girls store their clothing? I noticed that in both rooms, a dresser is missing. Are the closets big enough for drawers? Many older houses here in PA lack closet space 🙂

  5. feltsocute says:

    Their closets are not large, but they have rods with simple shelving. We have fabric bins that hold their clothing on the shelves. NOT fancy at all.

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