Containers, Organizing and Labels, Oh My!

I’m pretty sure after close to five years with a Silhouette machine I’ve still only scratched the surface of what this baby can do.  But this week in my continued New Year, New Assessments of the Unpacking of the New Old House I was moving things around in the pantry so they worked a little better and I decided I needed labels {Let’s be honest – does one ever NOT need new labels?}.  I was standing in my local cook’s shop having a Goldilock’s moment – Too Big, Too Small, Wrong Shape… – when it occurred to me I could simply make my own with chalkboard vinyl!

And so I went home, cut a bunch of simple rectangles with rounded edges and grabbed my chalk pen and got to work on the assortment of containers we have in our pantry.  This way, the containers are all still washable, and I can easily change what’s inside them without needing to worry about damaging the labels in any way.



I like that even though my containers don’t all match perfectly, my labels do so it gives a sense of uniformity.

I did find these turquoise bins at the Target Dollar Spot {$3 each} this week that match my kitchen perfectly.  I like that they’re plastic so I can wipe them out in case of a mess.


One of the biggest challenges we’ve had in the pantry has been water bottle storage {I know, life’s tough isn’t it ;-)}.  The bottles used to be stacked where my binders now are {Recipes, Holidays & Manuals}, and were constantly falling over and didn’t quite fit properly in the space.  Once I moved the small snacks to the turquoise bins I could move my wraps and bags to the top pull out wire drawer and put all the water bottles in the bottom drawer standing upright.  They fit perfectly and stay much neater here even if several are out in use.


My favorite part of the pantry still continues to be the tablecloth racks.  LOVE what a simple organizational solution this was and how easy it makes life since we eat at our dining room table for all meals.


And I’m pleased to report it’s been a full week since I reorganized the kitchen and the whole family have been Rock Stars at putting everything back where they found it.  Way to go Team Felt So Cutes!

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4 Responses to Containers, Organizing and Labels, Oh My!

  1. Jonathan says:



  2. Amma says:

    Glad to see you are still using the Silouette machine! Pantry looks great!

  3. feltsocute says:

    I’m on my second one! (and thank you)

  4. Lisa B. says:

    I absolutely LOVE your pantry!! This would be my favorite part of my kitchen if I had your pantry! 🙂 I love the labeling too! Great job on organizing it! 🙂

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