Things I’m Loving

In the past few months I’ve made a few purchases I’ve loved a little more than usual that I thought I’d share with you:

Things I'm Loving


1. All-Clad TK Stainless Steel Tall Rondeau from Williams-Sonoma.  This is the perfect pot when you are cooking a lot of food.  I’ve been using it lately to double my recipes.  We switched all our pots and pans to All-Clad stainless steel about a decade ago and can’t believe how great they’ve held up ~ everything still looks new after plenty of abuse use.

2. Native Union extra long weighted charging cord.  You don’t know you need this, but you do!  It’s extra long, which always comes in handy, and the knot serves as a weight, so when you unplug your device it stays on your nightstand.  Even better, the knot slides so you can place it wherever you want for the most ideal placement.  Finally, it’s a monkey’s fist knot, so you know I love that it’s preppy and nautical {full props to The Husband for discovering this gem and gifting it to me!}

3. Target Champion Heel Tab Socks.  I have a confession to make:  if I were a gazillionaire my greatest odd indulgence would be clean, brand new socks every single day.  There’s nothing like a perfectly pristine pair of socks in my book.  {I’ve got issues, we’ve discussed it before.}  These socks are so soft and are a little bit padded in the heels for comfort.  The Cuties now wear the same size socks as I do, and are perpetually purloining my beloved socks.  Grrrr.

4. Dishwashing Gloves.  Yes, I know they’re technically dog washing gloves, but let’s pretend they’re not since I don’t have a dog and it’s just a little awkward for me.  And these are just so darn nice.  They are extra long so they come up to my elbows, which truly prevents water from getting inside, but more importantly they’re lined!  Since my hands are perpetually cold, this is a very important feature.  Couple this with being a perfect match to my kitchen decor and I really like these gloves a bit more than one ought to like dish washing gloves.

5. S’well water bottles.  I know these are crazy expensive.  But cold water is like the best.thing.ever.  And these will keep your water cold for 12 hours!  As in keep the ice cubes frozen level of cold.  When I first got mine I kept making The Husband drink from it every few hours to prove how ridiculously effective it was ~ even he was impressed.  And they make a larger size that can hold an entire bottle of wine; clearly that can come in handy.

6. Himalayan Pink Salt.  I first became aware of Himalayan pink salt after reading a few articles touting the amazing health benefits of its additional minerals, but after doing some additional research learned it’s not really healthier than other salts.  However, because it’s not a fine grain, most people tend to use less of it, which results in lower sodium intake, which is a good thing, so I like that.  The Felt So Cutes love the taste, and let’s be vapid for a moment: it looks pretty in a clear salt mill on my counter.  So it’s got that going for it.

So what are you loving lately?

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1 Response to Things I’m Loving

  1. Christy says:

    You have to check out the Yeti mugs! They are expensive too but they literally keep the ice cubes cold forever!

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