Makeup Brush TLC

Let me give a little preamble to this post and say that this was officially The Most Awkward Blog Post to Photograph Solo.  Duly warned.

That being noted, I want to talk today about taking care of your makeup brushes.  This is one of those areas where I believe you get what you pay for and it’s worth it to invest in high quality brushes.  I still have makeup brushes I bought when I got engaged and we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary this year.

On Sunday evenings, I have a very simple ritual where I clean my brushes.  It’s fast and easy and absolutely worth the effort from both a hygiene and preservation standpoint.

Most department store brands sell their own brush cleaner or you can simply use a mild baby shampoo {cheaper and if you’re a Mom, something you likely have in the house}.


One at a time, I take my brushes and run them under warm water and gently swirl them into some cleaner in the palm of my hand.  Don’t scrub hard or you can damage the hairs of the brush.


You will likely see pigmentation from the makeup in your hand.  Rinse the brush under water until it runs clear and clean.  Then gently squeeze the excess water out.  If the brush has a specific shape like this blending shadow brush, I lightly form it back into its original shape with my fingers and then lay it on a washcloth.  I like to fold my washcloth in half to give a little bit of height so my brushes have air all around them and dry faster.


You’ll notice I also take this opportunity to clean my eyelash curler.  To do this I just take a cotton ball or Q-tip and eye makeup remover and scrub all the eye makeup gunk that accumulates on there throughout the course of the week.

The brushes will be completely dry in the morning and I just take my finger and ‘fluff’ them and they look brand new again.


{Oy – do I need a manicure or what?!}

Easy as that.

I store my brushes upright always to avoid squashing them, plus it’s easier to grab what I want when doing my makeup.


Of course all of this makes me sound way more glamorous than I actually am considering I can’t remember the last time I wore more than face cream and mascara.

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4 Responses to Makeup Brush TLC

  1. Lovely post. I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to cleaning my brushes. I never thought to use my lil boy baby shampoo as a brush cleaner. Thank you for the tip 🙂 x

  2. R shah says:

    Good post! We forget how much bacteria sits on our makeup brushes! I clean mine every 3 weeks. After reading your post, I should clean mine once a week too. Thank you!

  3. Jessica W. says:

    I just had this chat on Saturday with the girl at the makeup counter. Any favorite brushes that you’d recommend?

  4. feltsocute says:

    I love Trish McEvoy and Bobbi Brown brushes. For things like my eyelash and eyebrow brushes that still need to be replaced about once a year or so I buy inexpensive Sephora brand.

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