Fixing My Mistake

When we planned our renovations and made decisions in such a short period of time last year we generally hit the nail on the head and were happy with our choices and purchases.  However, I did confess to The Husband recently that I made an error in one area of our home and that we really needed to fix it.

Our kitchen is open to our family room, a room that is in what was once the garage to the house, and based on the age of the house, we can only presume was a porte-cochere before that.  I had thought it would be nice to view the television from the kitchen while cooking and so we put the back of the sofa to the kitchen and the television up against the wall now shared with the garage.


The problem with this set up was two-fold: the room is small and we had a very large television, so it felt like we were practically on top of it, and there were only about 18 inches of clearance behind the sofa for a walkway.

Basically it was just awkward and I did it wrong.

However, I realized it wasn’t the wrong countertop, or floor choice or cabinets.  It was actually the best {translation: cheapest} mistake I could have made.

So we flipped it and what a difference it made!

We put the sofa against the wall and purchased a smaller television that we mounted above a media console {you’ll see the larger one reappear sometime soon ~ you know I’m always repurposing around here!}.  Suddenly we can move around easily and we are using this space all the time!  All of us can fit on the sofa and chair, but The Cuties also love to spread out on the floor as well.




There’s so much more space to walk between the kitchen and family room that we were able to add an additional console table with extra seating I’ll be showing you as soon as I add one last finishing touch.


As much as I love a pretty room, I love a functional room even more!

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