Our Hardworking Piece of Furniture

I last shared with you how I fixed my design mistake in our family room but didn’t share the hardest working piece of furniture in the room.

When we flipped the layout of this room we had an empty space between the armchair and the kitchen peninsula.  It was just enough room to stand out as awkwardly empty and was just small enough that we couldn’t put too much there.  After a lot of searching, we discovered the perfect solution:  a shallow console table with drawers.  This enabled us to store every day supplies for homework at the kitchen counter or check writing for paying bills, and there was enough room on top of the table to set up a charging station.  Underneath, we put two upholstered cubes that provide extra seating and/or footrests for guests and family movie nights.

consoleHow the table fits in the small space between the kitchen peninsula and the family room sofa and armchair:


We use this great lucite tray as a charging station for The Cuties.  Each night, they plug their devices in before they head upstairs to shower and get ready for bed {the cords are attached to the back of the console table with 3M hooks to help hide them}.


Above the table is my custom Lilly Pulitzer print the Husband gave me for my 40th birthday.  It’s one of my most favorite pieces of art and I love having it in a space where I spend so much time.


And for those of you familiar with Lilly prints, you know that one of the fun things is to find the ‘hidden Lilly’ in every print.  Except in my custom print there’s a ‘Happy Birthday Alisha’ hidden amongst the alligators!


Inside the console drawers


And here’s the table within the entire family room ~


And the very best part of my hard-working table?  It was easy on my wallet!  I found this for $270 at Home Depot as part of the Home Decorator’s Collection and then had a 30% off coupon!

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2 Responses to Our Hardworking Piece of Furniture

  1. Mom says:

    Looks lovely, cozy and very you. Like the lamp too. Much better than where we had it! Pretty room!😄

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