Travel Medicine Bag

While I’m still unpacking from Spring Break, I’ll share some more hints.

I promise I don’t pack the entire kitchen sink when I travel, but one of the things I do always pack is a small medicine bag when we travel.  This is especially important in foreign countries where not everything we are used to will be as accessible as I’d like.

The #1 most important thing to pack are your daily prescription medications {duh!}.  These, should always go in your carry on bag.  If your luggage is lost, you can make do in the same clothing for days, but necessary medication can’t always be easily replaced.  For trips of any length, The Husband and I each have one of these cases that can hold up to two weeks of pills.


In my suitcase, I use a small pouch into which I’ve managed to cram a lot.  I use this particular bag because it happens to be lined in plastic so it can be wiped in case of spills.


Here’s what I carry inside:

NyQuil {don’t forget a spoon!}


Tylenol & Advil {Advil works better for our family, but I can’t take it, so that’s why we double up on pain reliever}


Blister Cushions

Antibiotic Ointment



Cough Drops


There’s also a prescription bottle there; ever since I had Shingles, I carry a dose of antivirals with me just in case I wake up with a rash again and am traveling.  I know there are several other conditions that merit immediate attention, so if you happen to fall into this category, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor for a “just in case” prescription when traveling out of the country.

Murphy’s Law says that if you bother to pack a bag like this you’ll never have to touch it and if you don’t, someone will wake up with a hacking cough the first morning of a trip you decided to all pile into one room!

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