Ready for Summer Fun

The pool is open and we are getting ready to head to the beach soon.


The Cuties are really into inflatables lately: donuts, pizzas, lounges ~ you name it.  We even keep a giant alligator and a sea turtle big enough for both of them down in Kiawah at the Happy Place!  But sometimes they like to go Old School with a ring float, so I grabbed a few at the drug store this week.


{These run $2.99 ~ you don’t need anything nicer since this kind of float seems to only last one season}

Spread the float out and take a King Sized Sharpie and start lettering.


Once you inflate the float, you may need to go over the lettering one more time to darken the thicker lines a bit.

Clearly The Cuties’ floats won’t be accidentally picked up by anyone else at the pool or beach this summer!



Clearly, nothing in our house is safe from Sharpies!

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