Shower Shelving

Our master bathroom is a little sad.

It likely last saw upgrades and renovation around the time I was 10 years old, which means it’s middle-aged, wrinkled and need of a make over.

However, it’s taking a back burner in the budget since we just put a new roof on the house this Spring.  Which is really just about the most boring and grown up way to spend money on house renovations there is.  It’s not like anyone comes over and ever wants to check out your new chimney flashing, know what I mean?!

So we’re making do, which is more than fine.

But I thought I’d share with you what was an interim fix (now longterm) that has turned out to be a very practical solution to our shower situation.  The master shower was replaced with one of those inserts somewhere down the line by a previous owner.


Don’t you just love that beige faux marble look?  Is my sarcasm reaching through your device and engulfing you completely?!

The biggest problem with the shower insert is that there’s no deep recessed shelving like a custom tile shower would have or a significant ledge like a bathtub would have.  Just a tiny little corner nook that’s almost worthless.  So nowhere for larger bottles of shampoo and conditioner to live without being on the floor, and nowhere to rest my foot when shaving my legs.  Like my shower stall, I’m old and tired and would prefer not to constantly bend over or squat while in the shower.

In Japan there were small plastic seats sold everywhere, but that didn’t really thrill me.  And my parents often had a teak stool but those died after a short period of time.

So my simple solution that has lasted more than a year now?

A ceramic garden stool!

No rust, no mold, no fuss!


When we get around to renovating the bathroom someday, this can easily be repurposed out to the patio or pool and still have life.


Meanwhile, I’m no longer performing Cirque du Soleil feats of balance to shave my legs in the shower.  Because nobody wants that.

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