Because Two Heads are Better Than One!

Remember last year when I mentioned how the husband and I had issues about dressing up for Halloween and wearing costumes, so figuring out what to wear that worked around all that could be a challenge?  And so we solved it with the High-Tech Couples costume, where I was an iPhone and he essentially got to wear khakis and a t-shirt?

Oh, my how things have changed in the Felt So Cute household.

With just the simple little question, “Hey honey – what about being Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head for Halloween this year?”

And he not only gave me a resounding yes, but then wanted to know if he could also have angry eyes” and could the parts be interchangeable.

I beg your pardon ~ interchangeable?

But then I realized with a little velcro, anything was possible!

I first decided that my Potato Head pieces needed to be three-dimensional because, well, they are in real life.  Which is probably a sign I’ve gone to the Halloween costume-making dark side when I start thinking about the realism of Potato Head pieces sculpted out of felt.


Each piece was cut out of felt twice, hot-glued three quarters of the way around, stuffed with Polyfill and then glued the rest of the way closed.  You didn’t really think I was going to sew all those pieces and negate my Costume-Making Manifesto, now did you?

The biggest challenge was that I can only find felt in Tokyo that is a meter wide instead of the 72″ like it comes on the bolt in America.  I could also only find a measly seven meters of any color resembling a potato.  So I sewed three panels together to make two tubes and put ties at the tops {I wanted them adjustable so The Cuties can wear them for the Purim Carnival or for future Halloweens}.  I’d have done it differently in the States, and achieved more of a “potato-like” shape, but this was good enough.  Again, I should be concerned that I was questioning the reality of potato-like form….


The potato body had velcro where each feature went, and each piece has the opposite side velcro attached to the back.  Voila!  I have exchangeable pieces.

But how’s a madcap Potato Head couple on the go supposed to manage all their parts?

With a tushie pocket, but of course!

We were rather entertaining at the party, that people could reach into our pockets, pick new pieces, and change them, just like the real Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads!



We added store-bought bowler hats, big hoop earrings from Claire’s and white gloves from the Hyaku-yen shop and were set!

And because MY Mr. specifically requested Angry Eyes {probably our favorite line in “Toy Story!”}, I had to make them happen!


We were quite a sight walking in Roppongi last night trying to hail a taxi, and constantly being stopped by Japanese partiers wanting to take pictures with us.

But I really wish I had a picture of the taxi driver when he finally turned around and realized there were two people dressed as giant potatoes in the back of his car!

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A Sweet Little Birthday

We celebrated all weekend with Big Cutie as she turned 12.

I kept wondering if we stretched this particular birthday out if we could make 12 last longer and avoid hitting the teenager years as long as possible.

As always, our girl had very specific ideas of what she wanted to do for her special day.

So the plan was to have a couple of friends over to decorate cookies for a few hours, head to a nearby yakiniku restaurant {similar to Korean BBQ}, then back home to watch a movie and eat treats.

We had the kitchen all set up with bags of different colored frosting, tons of different kinds of sprinkles and an assortment of candies.


Each girl had a personalized apron {painted with fabric paint much like I did here}, a container for finished cookies with their name embellished with vinyl by my Silhouette, and a big stack of sugar cookies.  Washi tape held down a piece of wax paper to give them a work space.


They made the cutest cookies ~ beautiful works of art!


They started off very serious and focused….


And after a few bites of sugar and giggling moved to complete silliness ~


Then we took the girls out for dinner.  They had a great time eating and cooking.  How awesome was it that they had fun cooking their own dinner?!!!


We came back and they wanted to decorate cookies some more so they got to work.

Then they pulled down the futon in the playroom and popped in a movie.  I’m pretty sure this is exactly what tween girls look like coming down from a sugar buzz!


And then everyone slept great that night.

Such sweet girls and my kitchen smelled like icing for days!

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And We Have a 12 Year Old!

Big Cutie turned 12 today.

And she will again tomorrow.

That’s how The Cuties see it at least, now that we live in Japan, where it’s a day ahead of the country in which they were born.  So she woke up this morning to a birthday celebration in Tokyo and tomorrow our family and friends back in America will share her birthday with her again.

I’m a big believer in the Extended Birthday Re-Mix, aren’t you?

But as the Mama, I feel like we blinked and this ~


Became this ~


Happy Birthday to our amazing Big Girl.  Daddy and I wish you the best year ever, filled with the love of family and friends, adventures and ordinary days, and as always in the Felt So Cute household ~ silliness.  Always much silliness.

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Sharpie Pumpkins

So school’s closed today.  On account of a typhoon.

Life in Japan is always an adventure!

The Cuties were not very interested in my idea of sleeping in until noon and then reading on the sofa all day in our pajamas eating cold cereal until dinner.  Go figure.

I spied our sad three mini pumpkins we brought home from the supermarket the other day because Mean Mommy wouldn’t spring for a $50 normal-sized one.

{Let me digress for a moment and share that people in Japan have “Typhoon Grocery Madness” just like there’s “Snowstorm Grocery Madness” in the States ~ here’s a picture of the craziness from yesterday’s insanity ~}


And grabbed some Sharpies.


{And because I try to own my crazy, I’ll be honest and admit those aren’t all my Sharpies.  It’s an issue I have.  It’s on the list.}

I started to doodle.

I will admit that a pumpkin is not the easiest surface in the world on which to write, but after a while I was in the groove.  And of course, The Cuties were interested and wanted to participate.  This is a parenting technique of mine I use often now that they are tweens.  I do my own thing and see if they’ll take the bait.  Because of course if I set it all out as an actual project like I did when they were toddlers, it’s too easy to say no.  And then I’m all cool and stuff when I say, “But of course you can color on your pumpkins, too!”

My laziness is brilliant sometimes, isn’t it?!

And so we all doodled our pumpkins.  And they rock.







So that was one hour occupied.

Do you think if I start emptying the dishwasher they’ll show as much interest?

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Monday was National Sports Day here in Japan, so both The Cuties and my husband were on vacation.  It had been a while since we’d done something from one of our guidebooks, so we decided to head to Asakusa and check out Senso-ji, which is Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist Temple.

Apparently, since it was a National holiday and so many other places were closed, most of Tokyo had the same idea.  But it was a beautiful day and worth braving the crowds to walk around and explore both the Temple and Kaminarimon, the large gate at the entrance.









I’m especially glad we spent Monday outside since today was rainy and chilly.  By evening, the rain and winds had picked up so much and we have a typhoon warning with an expectation of winds up to 100 mph!  So school has already been cancelled and The Cuties will be home yet again tomorrow.

Gotta love early fall in Japan! :-)

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Just Charming

Several years ago, The Cuties and my husband surprised me with a charm bracelet.

They picked out several meaningful charms for my life up until that point and we’ve added to it ever since then.

It’s truly one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry to wear and I love the soft jangle it makes as I move.


Here’s what I have and why ~


*a book {I’ve always been a big reader}

*a Palmetto tree {for my beloved Kiawah Island}

*The White House {I grew up in Washington, DC}

*Big Cutie

*a house {snuck in behind the disc but there for our homes together}

*a Newfoundland {our first family pet}


*a girl silhouette with Big Cutie’s name & birthdate engraved

*an alligator (for the preppiness and my nickname + last name together sound like the word alligator, so I’ve always been drawn to them as an icon}

*a Tiffany & Co blue box {on The Cutie’s first trip to NYC we took them there and there was a charm bracelet display.  They very unsubtly convinced their father to buy one for me to remember the trip ~ so sweet!}

*a camera {I’ve always loved to take pictures, even if this one is a little out of focus!}

*the Japanese goddess Benzaiten of knowledge, art & beauty {she’s one of the Seven Lucky Gods and is special to commemorate our time in Japan}

*a pair of glasses {I’ve worn them since 4th grade!}

*a heart with my husband’s and my names and our wedding engraved

*an artist’s palette {it’s a little overly generous but I’ve yet to find a sterling glue gun!}

*a high heel {I love my shoes!}

*Little Cutie


*a baby shoe {one of my most beloved charms as this one marks Big Cutie learning to walk!}

*Little Cutie’s silhouette with her name and birth date engraved

*a Star of David {it’s a little hidden, but there, I promise!}

*bagpipes {my husband and I may go down in history as the only Jewish couple to have had a bagpiper at our wedding.  It’s a long, sweet story and I’ll share it someday!}

*the Eiffel Tower {the first international trip my husband and I took together was to Paris}

*a purse {another little shopping “problem” I have!}

I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect elephant now that I’ve been to Thailand twice and am so very fond of them.  Nothing has really been perfect yet – either too RNC or too cartoonish.  I’m willing to be patient!

So what’s your most sentimental piece of jewelry?

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My Fair Cutie

So y’all know my Halloween costume era came to end last year when both girls chose store-bought costumes for the first time.

While saddened, this happened to coincide with the husband and I attending Halloween costume parties where adults went all-out, so I could re-focus my energies in other ways, so the costume-making manifesto continued.

This past summer, however, Little Cutie came up with an idea for a costume that she didn’t want me to make but wasn’t readily available for purchase.

Uh oh.

And she wanted to go as Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly!

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy.

Because we all know how much this mama loves and adores Madame Audrey.

And in the end what a perfectly easy costume to make for a little girl.  All it took was a little black dress and satin gloves bought from a flower girl dress supplier; big sunglasses, a mini tiara comb, and tons of fake pearls from Claire’s; and a borrowed floppy hat from Mommy’s closet.  Throw in a shopping bag from Tiffany & Co to use as a Trick or Treat bag and a croissant as a snack, and Little Cutie was ready to go!

Y’all should know she loves this ensemble so much I regularly find her lying on her bed reading a book, dressed as Audrey from head to toe.  Cracks me up.






The pixie cut growth from shaving her head is rather perfectly timed for Halloween, don’t you think!


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