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Meiji Jingu Visit

So my friend Linda and I have tried to find a time to go to Meiji Shrine for over a month now and we just haven’t been able to make it happen {including a guilt-ridden cancellation on my part a … Continue reading

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Halloween, Tokyo-Style

In our mad dash to get everything we needed before leaving for Japan, we scrambled to address “The Halloween Issue.”  We’d been told that Halloween in Japan is a big deal in recent years, but like everything else, costumes were … Continue reading

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L’Shana Tova, Asian-Style

L’shana Tova to our Jewish friends and family this Rosh Hashanah. This is the first {of what we know will be many} holiday we have spent on our own in our new home and country.  Services at our new synagogue were … Continue reading

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Our Passover Seder

I’ve recovered enough from Passover preparations, shopping, cleaning, cooking and a bizarre mid-day interlude of chandelier shopping {hey, when my husband is in the mood to shop for light fixtures, I leave the house with my apron on!} to post some photos. … Continue reading

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Passover Plagues

When Cute Husband and I first began hosting our own Passover Seders years ago we opted to created family-friendly services that incorporated tradition and children.  We’ve grown and changed over the years as high chairs have morphed into coloring book … Continue reading

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My ‘Go To’ Notebook

I organize with 3-ring binders quite a bit, but one notebook is really my ‘Go To’ Gal. My Holiday & Party Planning Binder! Isn’t she cute? Inside, is a tab for every holiday or party we might host throughout the … Continue reading

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Shamrock Headband How To

One of the biggest sellers in my Etsy Shop last year was my layered Shamrock headband. I’ve tried this “style” of headband at other holidays, but it never works as well as the Shamrock shape and so it remains my … Continue reading

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The “Big Mama” Valentine Wreath

So I showed you my little Pom Pom wreath earlier here and mentioned The Big Mama wreath {yes, I clearly have a bizarre desire to name inanimate objects in my home.  Let’s just go with it, shall we?}. I wanted … Continue reading

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Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah ~ Wait, Wrong Kind of Pom Poms!

Every now and then I have to remind y’all just how big of a goofball I really am. That’s my very silly intro into my post about a Pom Pom Wreath.  Seriously.  Feel free to roll your eyes at me. … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Pillows

I am knee-deep in New Year’s Eve party preparations, and yet I totally have Valentine’s Day on the brain.  Every spare minute I’ve had for the past two days has been spent making heart-themed pillows for the bench in our … Continue reading

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