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My Bathroom is Smarter Than I Am

It took me 19 minutes to figure out how to turn on the shower this morning.  That’s an unbelievably long time to try and get hot water to come out of a faucet. All I could do at first was get … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Dear Friend

The moving van pulled away this afternoon, filled with boxes destined for storage, air and sea cargo.  I confess I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to the old gal. There’s so much we’ve loved about this house.  It was … Continue reading

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The Great Little Cutie Room Reveal

OK, not so much, but wasn’t that a really dramatic post title? There were a lot of changes made to the original room and we had to scrap some plans for a variety of reasons {sniff, sniff ~ no hanging … Continue reading

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Prettying Up Old Things

I’m still trucking along on a few last projects for Little Cutie’s new room {is this the longest, most drawn out room reveal in the history of the world, or what?}. In an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle {doesn’t … Continue reading

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Petite Gallery Wall

After tackling the monster-sized gallery wall on our staircase with surgical precision, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just eyeball it for a small gallery wall in Little Cutie’s new room. I kept several sentimental things from … Continue reading

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Chalk One Up to the Power of Paint!

Commence the eye rolling now, please. If you’re sitting at your laptop, covered in chalk dust, I think you’re allowed to make a cheesy “chalk” joke.  I’m pretty sure it’s in the universal blogging bylaws. So one of Little Cutie’s … Continue reading

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Glamour Girl

From the moment we moved into this house I knew the chandelier in the dining room had to go. The lines were all wrong, she was too small, hung too high and it was too much crystal for my taste. … Continue reading

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