Camp Visitation Day

Today was Parent’s Day at The Cutie’s summer camp.

I know I’ve talked before about how much Cute Husband and I believe in the value of summer camp, but every time I get to head up for the day to see them in action, I’m reminded just how great I think camp is for kids.

I arrived during free swim and after a little searching around discovered Big Cutie {AKA Esther Williams} and her buddies already in the water.

Little Cutie spied me before I was able to catch her eye.  Think she caught my attention?

At their new school in Tokyo they have swimming as part of their PE curriculum and will need to wear swim caps.  I was thinking today that they would both look adorable in something retro like this?  I wonder if I can convince them it’s a good look?  Can’t you picture Little Cutie, especially in one?

They split up into different activities next, so I was running all over camp keeping up with them {thank goodness I remembered my bug spray & water bottle!}.

I caught up with Big Cutie right about here and just beamed with pride.

She made it higher today than ever before.  I told you she’s my hero.

I found Little Cutie’s group at music class where they were writing their own lyrics to a pop song.  I think I’m going to print this picture out as an 8×10 to paste inside my “camp” file folder to look at for when I next write a tuition check.  She’s pretty much the poster child for “happy camper!”

I have two Mommy friends who now go back to camp along with their children as programming or arts & crafts directors.  They claim it’s to offset tuition costs but after spending my day at camp today I’m beginning to suspect the lure of playing at camp is at least a part of it as well.  I think they’re on to something….

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1 Response to Camp Visitation Day

  1. Jeni says:

    Love the swim cap!

    Your girls look like they are having so much fun! I hope to find a fun summer camp for mine next summer when we are back in the states.

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