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Egg Muffins

 In the Felt So Cute household, we like eggs and eat them as many ways as possible. I made these again the other morning and Little Cutie’s immediate comment was that I really needed to make them all the time. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate dipped pretzels have become a go-to treat in The Felt So Cute household. They’re appealing to tween and teen girls who still want fun treats to bring to school on occasion, and they don’t require schlepping the cupcake carrier! … Continue reading

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Pasta We’ve Been Missing

Every now and then there were recipes I found challenging to shop for ingredients in Tokyo.  Not because they contained anything that unusual, but more because of language barriers in getting exactly what I wanted, or seasonality issues. And let’s … Continue reading

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Food Carving

I recently had the privilege to host a food carving event for the Jewish Community of Japan in my home with Chef Hiroshi Nagashima.  Chef Nagashima is the head chef of the Honganji Temple restaurant Shisui in Tsukiji and has received … Continue reading

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Become a Brussel Sprout Believer

I’ll confess something to you. I used to be one of those people. You know us.  The ones who said they didn’t like Brussel Sprouts.  But hadn’t ever really tried Brussel Sprouts.  Yup.  One of those.  I mean they look a … Continue reading

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My Favorite Room

I’ve mentioned there were a few things that made moving to a new apartment especially enticing for us, but the kitchen is far and away tops on the list. In our old apartment I really didn’t have room to bake, … Continue reading

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Sanshoku-don Bowls

We have a new family favorite for dinner since moving to Japan. And I’m going to share a secret with just you readers, but not my family. It’s delicious, healthy, easy and involves no actual cooking on my part. Seriously.  You … Continue reading

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Light & Healthy Lunch

The Cuties and I are back in hot and sticky Tokyo and recovering from our jet lag.  We are  waking up at all sorts of crazy hours and eating at random times as well.  As a result, our food situation … Continue reading

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Holla Challah!

Big Cutie’s last unit in Social Studies this year was the Middle East.  So for my last Mommy baking assignment for school, she asked me to make a super-sized challah to share with her class.  There’s nothing better than the smell of … Continue reading

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Molecular Tapas Bar

I know I talk about food a LOT here, but since Tokyo just surpassed Paris in having more Michelin-starred restaurants, you can kind of understand why! Last night, Cute Husband and I were finally able to go out and celebrate … Continue reading

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